Is Kraft’s New Mac & Cheese Deluxe Frozen Worth the Hype?

Last week, Kraft launched the newest item in their cheesetastic lineup: frozen mac and dinners. Believe it or not, this is the company’s first venture into the frozen foods category for their Deluxe offerings, since before now, Kraft has only been found on grocery shelves in their slim, iconic, blue-and-yellow box. We gave it a whirl in the microwave to see how it stacked up against the original.

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What is the new Kraft Deluxe mac and ?

The newest mac and cheese from Kraft is their frozen Mac & Cheese Deluxe, which is a single-serve meal that’s available in two flavors, Original Cheddar and Four Cheese. The products feature perfectly cooked macaroni pasta covered in a creamy, homestyle cheese sauce and topped with real cheddar cheese.

Kraft says that the new formulation of mac and cheese was born out of necessity because people are turning to their favorite comfort foods more than ever before and are buying frozen foods for the sheer convenience of having dinner on the table in less than 10 minutes. And indeed, these new cheesy frozen meals require minimal prep, time and clean-up.

What does the frozen mac and cheese taste like?

The meals come out of the microwave in about six minutes flat and are totally ready to eat. There are no additional ingredients required (unless you get creative with some mix-ins). The cheese sauce is that bright yellow-orange hue that reminds you of your childhood and is mixed with the perfectly-cooked al dente elbow noodles. The two flavor offerings are a bit different. There’s the classic original cheddar and the four cheese.

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