How Junior’s Makes Millions of Cheesecakes Despite the Ongoing Cream Cheese Shortage

Business spoke with , the 3rd of Junior’s Cheesecake at the Burlington, where millions of cheesecakes are made for home consumption. Rosen explained the company’s history, why the factory moved out of even though the legendary restaurants stayed, and how the company survived COVID and the ongoing shortage of cream .

New York cheesecake institution, Junior’s, has been slinging out towering slices since 1950. But in recent years, the company has faced pandemic closures of its restaurants, skyrocketing ingredient prices, and a cream shortage.

Despite these challenges, Rosen is optimistic about the future.

You know, we had to move people around and reschedule, but we’re not changing any here. That’s never happening. We’d sooner not make cake. Listen, we have a 72-year history of making cheesecake the exact way we’re doing it, exactly the same way forever. We’re not changing it. …I think the fact that we are diversified is what saved us. …The tell will be in the next three months. I think it’s sustainable, because I’m a big believer in our business and how good we are at it, and that people are always going to want a cheesecake.


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