How Cheese Is Taking Over Indian Foods

Indians are truly blessed in terms of . From the comforting ghar ka dal-chawal and the world-class restaurants to the treasure trove that is the street , we simply have it all! But ever since the newer generation has gotten into the habit of “Westernizing” everything (yes, I am looking at you, millenials and gen-z), there has been a new trend of “Westernizing” Indian with a lot of cheese. This phenomenon started with mayo and cheese being added to momos or dumplings and has now spread far and wide, from cheese dosas and sandwiches to even dhoklas and sweets.

This rising was met with mixed reactions from the public. The most viral one was from Balsher (@balsher_sidhu), a user who made this viral tweet about the excessive use of cheese in Indian . Here’s what the tweet said:

 “(Unpopular?) opinion: The Indian scene is being ruined by excessive mayo and shredded cheese. They just destroy the actual flavors. Indian food is good enough already without being drowned in mayo and cheese.” Well, we beg to differ. This is not an unpopular opinion but an extremely popular one! And here were some other Twitteratis agreeing with the statement:

“True.. very true. I saw a woman eating nothing but dosa and cheese, no ghee or chutney with it. That’s just criminal.” – @pahade_saurabh

“Exactly what I was telling a friend the other day: they put cheese on bread, omelettes, tikkis, dal makhni, and everything.” — @kartarsingh00

“I don’t like how Americanized our have become. Mayi doesn’t taste good, and cheese is meh. It doesn’t triumph over the spices used in Indian cuisine”-@ohmyhoven

Cheesy food is delicious but we have too much of it | Unsplash

Indians have all these great ingredients and amazing flavors that are being appreciated by many foreign countries, while we are overindulging in fats, as processed cheese is pretty much mostly fat. But we cannot ignore that it is all about popular and…


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