Horror With a Side of Cheese: THE KILLING TREE

Hello, horror lovers! I am back to dish up a fondue pot full of cheesy goodness with a new edition of Horror With a Side of Cheese! If you are new to the column, I’m hunting for the cheesiest horror movies to grace the genre. Every month, on the first and third Fridays, I talk about my latest find. I rate each film on a scale of one to five cheese slices. Several factors go into the rating, including story, acting, dialogue, effects and re-watchability. In this edition, I dive into the 2022 film, The Killing Tree. Stick around to find out how many cheese slices this film gets.

About The Killing Tree

A widow is desperate to resurrect her criminal husband, who was executed for his crimes. On Christmas Eve, she attempts a spell to grant her wish. He is brought back to life but encounters a tiny issue; his soul goes into a Christmas tree. Now, with lights twinkling and ornaments shining, the killer tree goes after the person he blames for his execution.

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The Killing Tree stars Marcus Massey, Sarah Alexandra Marks, Kelly Rian Sanson, Judy Tcherniak and Sarah T. Cohen. The story is by Craig McLearie, and the director is Rhys Frake-Waterfield. Runtime is one hour and 13 minutes.

This film has a 17 percent Tomatometer score and no Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Fun fact: This movie was previously known as Demonic Christmas Tree.

My Thoughts

The bad guy is a decorated Christmas tree! Lights, garland, baubles, the works. Before considering anything else, this has to be one of the cheesiest horror movies I’ve had the pleasure of viewing. Take a moment to imagine it, a literal tree shuffling around, killing people. Only one word comes to mind: epic.

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While there are many potential talking points with The Killing Tree, I want to start with the effects. In particular, I want to address the tree itself. Multiple mediums are utilized throughout the film to…


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