Horror at Australia Zoo’s ‘miserable’ $17 burger

Why so stingy, Bindi? Outrage at Australia Zoo charging $17 for a ‘miserable’ cheese burger at Queensland attraction

  • Australia Zoo has been blasted over the price of its
  • One visitor shared a pic of a ‘cheese burger’ that cost $17
  • Social media users criticised the meat and lack of cheese

Australia Zoo has been slammed by visitors after a diner shared photos of a ‘miserable’ $17 cheeseburger they ordered from the attraction online.

The burger features two beef patties and a small portion of melted cheese between two white buns packaged in a cardboard container.

‘This is what passes as a $17 double cheeseburger at Australia Zoo,’ the visitor wrote.

Australia Zoo has been slammed for the price and quality of the and drinks offered to visitors

‘Dry and stale, it was probably constantly reheated for the past few days. Next time we are bringing our own ,’ he wrote. 

Many people agreed, telling him: ‘You will never regret home made Vegemite sangas.’

‘I have become that middle aged man that makes egg and lettuce sandwiches for the family every time we go somewhere,’ one user said.

‘And then while we eat our packed lunch, I speak of the savings and rant how expensive and average looking the food is at the venue. Love it.’

Many invoked the late Steve Irwin’s catchphrase: ‘Crikey.’

Another said: ‘Australia Zoo easily has some of the worst food I’ve ever tasted.’

‘Zoos, airports and concerts are criminal for food prices and quality,’ wrote a third.


Others said the burger was a ‘miserable and atrocious’ sight. 

A former employee explained that the prices at the zoo for food and drinks had always been high.   

‘Worked there for a few years during the mid 00s, was always mad pricing. I think a 600ml bottle of water went for about $3.50 or so back…


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