HORMEL Turns Your Favourite Dip Into Your Favourite Sip with a ‘Chili Cheese Brew’

BBDO Minneapolis and the makers of HORMEL Chili drop the mic on the snack table yet again with their latest creation – the HORMEL Chili Brew. The golden, go-to dip has officially inspired the first-ever chili dip flavoured beer. This savory lager to enjoy alongside the iconic chili dip is ready to be incorporated into snack-time spreads starting January 24th, 2023 at HormelChiliCheeseBrew.com, while supplies last.

The introduction of the HORMEL Chili Cheese Brew fills the need for an ideal pairing with the crowd-pleasing dip. Savory notes of HORMEL Chili were nowhere to be found on liquor store shelves – until now. With the help from the masterminds at Modist Brewing Co., the flavour profile of chili cheese dip was flawlessly dissected and reimagined to come to life in an American corn lager. Described as a beer with a spicy tongue-feel, the lager is expected to amplify the umami undertones of the dip with each consecutive sip of the beer. 

“Every watch party deserves tried and true favorites, but also a little something extra,” says Taylor Snyder, creative director at BBDO Minneapolis. “Which is why, together with our partners at Hormel Foods, we created a true contender to be yet another MVP at the snack table.”

For those who order the four-pack, the beer will arrive just in time to be enjoyed during the Big Game on Sunday, February 12th.

“We all know the distinct and addictive taste of HORMEL Chili Cheese Dip, but wanted to explore a world beyond the chip,” says Sheila Eastman, senior copywriter at BBDO Minneapolis. “This innovative beer is another opportunity for HORMEL Chili to show up as a heavy hitter to the snack sesh. And this time, we’re coming for the cooler.”


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