HORMEL Chili Cheese Brew is the ultimate game day sipper

For many football fans, and beverages are at the heart of game day. Whether it is the tailgate or the at-home spread, the bounty of deliciousness is as important as the winning drive. And, when the outcome is not as positive, all those tasty bites provide some solstice. With the new HORMEL Chili Brew, everyone’s favorite dip has been transformed into a beer that is worthy of another pour.

HORMEL Chili Dip is a staple for many people’s game day celebrations. While the is relatively simple, the flavor is bold. Whether paired with corn chips, served over a burger, or even eaten with a spoon, many people cannot get enough. It might even be that lucky for the big game.

As Jason Hron, HORMEL Chili brand manager said, “Football season is just as much about the game as it is about delicious food and drinks, and the people you enjoy watching the game with. This year we were inspired to bring fans together and create something everyone can agree on – an irresistible sip that unites the best flavors of our famous HORMEL Chili Dip.”

The special HORMEL Chili Cheese Brew is a collaboration between Modist Brewing Co and HORMEL. For those unfamiliar with the Minnesota based brewery, Modist embraces creativity in the brewing process. While it focuses on technique, each offering brings a new beer experience. Whether these are alternative beers or just pushing the boundaries past the typical brew, pouring a cold one is always memorable.

With this special beer collaboration, the beer has captured the essence of the HORMEL Chili Cheese Dip. Although not a heavy, the American lager has some notes of savory spices and a touch of cheddar cheese. When combined with flaked corn and Pilsner barley malt, the flavor is quite sessionable. It becomes a great gameday beer and even better when paired with that iconic dip.

While this beer might be unexpected, it is a fun food and beverage…


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