Homage Cheese and Wine at Wood, Manchester, reviewed

Jonathan Schofield finds that funny word cheese is close to his heart

Some words in English are just funny, indefinably so. Many of these words concern foods. Mancunian polymath Anthony Burgess noticed this first or it might have been Robert Nye in his novel Falstaff, I can’t recall exactly. Yet it is true that words can be amusing in and of themselves aside from context or meaning. 

Fact: there are more jokes about cheese than any other foodstuff

With food words nothing beats ‘onion’ for a laugh, three syllables in five letters that begs to be pronounced with a French accent. I simply cannot say it without smiling. The almost silly terseness of ‘fish’ comes a close second with its firm start and then that fade into an absurd sigh.

‘Cheese’ is third funniest, all those ‘e’s, you can carry on saying that one word until you run out of breath. Fact: there are more jokes about cheese than any other foodstuff. This is one: Why did the Greek man stop eating cheese? Because he was getting Feta and Feta.

We even have the expression ‘cheesy’. Who doesn’t like a cheesy pop-song? Anybody for Kylie? 

Homage At Wood Cheese And Wine 7The Homage boudoir at Wood Restaurant
Image: Confidentials

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