For breakfast, make this super-healthy cheese spread at home today

Cheese lovers are always on the hunt for different varieties of cheese to satiate their taste buds. The dairy product, after all, is versatile, and goes brilliantly with anything cooked at home or even ordered from outside.

But, it is important to note that one must limit their intake of store-bought cheese, since its excessive consumption can affect the body in the long run. Which is why, it is important to look for healthier alternatives, preferably one that can be produced and stored at home.

Cheese spread, for instance, is delectable; it can be prepared at home and consumed with various assortments. On Instagram, chef Neha Deepak Shah shares an interesting video, in which she details the process of making the spread at home; take a look.

According to the expert, it will take hardly 15 minutes to make it.


– 1 litre milk
– 2 to 3 tbsp lime juice + 2 tbsp water; or you can use vinegar
– 2 tsp salt (this adds to the flavour and will eventually be drained out)

“This will give about 180 to 200 g chenna (don’t over-squeeze and make it like paneer),” says the chef. She adds that you will also need,

– 150 g hung curd (300 g curd which is hung)
– 1 cheese cube
– A little more salt


* Start with boiling the milk; then add some salt to it.
* To this, you may add some lime juice or even vinegar.
* When it coagulates, separate the cheese from the water without draining it too much.
* Next, transfer it to a mixer-grinder; add some hung curd to it, along with a cheese cube and a pinch of salt.
* Blend it well and then store the creamy mixture in a container. Spread it on bread and parathas and enjoy.

The chef also shares a few pro-tips:

1. Make sure the curd is hung well and so is the chenna. “We don’t [want] it to be super liquidy”.
2. Store in an air-tight container in the fridge.
3. Salt will act as a preservative and this will give you about 320 to 350 g of cheese spread.

Would you like to make this at home?

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