Florida Woman Files Lawsuit Over Velveeta Mac and Cheese Advertised Prep-Time

Velveeta microwavable Shells & cups advertise that it takes three and a half minutes to cook them to cheesy perfection on the label, but for one distraught woman, that was anything but the truth. has filed a proposed class-action lawsuit accusing of violating state and federal laws with their deceptive labeling, the Sun-Sentinel reports. Ramirez’s lawsuit argues that, although the time is three and a half minutes, the preparation, including removing the lid and sauce pouch, as well as adding water, add sufficient time to the ordeal. The suit argues Ramirez would never have purchased the cheesy treat had she known it would take longer than advertised to make. She’s seeking more than $5 million in damages and expects the class of victims to total more than 100.

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