Firefly Burger just opened in the US | Food Review

Today we’re headed to @Firefly Chicago to try their Firefly !




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Sixers hello today oh nice sunflare Today some delicious looking Burgers From near DePaul in the Lincoln Park neighborhood time to Feast Yeah we're also doing a merch shout out Today for our good friend Bobby hey jar He's been in videos you guys I'm sure Have seen him uh he's awesome he bought Himself a pair of sunglasses and a Bottle of sixer sauce thanks for not Being one of those friends who just Wants free stuff I'm going out and Supporting us that's awesome of Bobby Dude I love that man I respect that all Right let's get fireflies let's go Thank you Foreign ERS from Firefly the in That bag acquired jump cut Cory Wagner Second angle all right let's see what we Got here and here's our Burger Big Boy Jesus Christ almighty okay whoa That is one hell of a bun Um wow that's juicy so uh beef patty Beef bacon Firefly sauce grilled onion Pickles cheese tomato and lettuce yeah Then on the camera on the dashboard There's mine looking wild dude these Were what like almost 17 bucks a person Yeah yeah bigger bigger price tag but I'm excited I think we screwed up but What are you gonna do we'll talk about It once we start eating all right here we go cheers

Hmm it's not bad I like that Firefly Sauce I mean so much sauce on that Though I will say I mean coated my mouth All right so right off the bat yeah like What's the deal so it's so much bread so Like what they normally can inject this With a bunch of sauce yeah and I think This is a problem on their part they Don't have an option for that on the Ordering app yeah see that's like dumb To me so that's their thing that's why This bun is so thick usually they inject It literally the syringe full of cheese Or sauce right and it comes with gloves When you eat there it's like a crazy Thing yeah that's their thing that needs It you think so I see this is fine to me Now luckily the bun is very good but Look at this look at all this bread back Here I don't need yeah where there's Meat see it's out like that's poking way Out of the front I don't need any of This bread I don't need any of this Bread I hate big bread bites on Burgers If your BUN is really awesome you can Sometimes get away with it it's just That this is like it's not like the beef Is that great where I'm like you know What it's okay like it's a solid Burger You know what I like about it they over Sauce it if you're gonna over sauce it Over bun it One that soaks it up so this bun Actually to me is serving a purpose and

We're not fully utilizing it no we're Not it's like how Dwight Howard he's Playing in Taiwan right now where they Have Dwight Howard but they're letting Him shoot 10-3s a game yeah you got the Guy right he's doing some stuff but You're not utilizing it in his best Potential stick him down on the post Yeah there's nothing wrong with it like You said I just now I want to like have It in the restaurant with all the Injected stuff yeah like I'm really just A fun way to do it so I saw like on the Promo image on the window I don't think You know maybe they can't do it to go so It's like it is a hurdle but I think It'd be fun if it kind of came with Those little syringes because you can Get those little like plasticky ones That you'll sometimes see on dishes you Could do like a little like squirt Yourself kind of thing um yeah I would Really like to see this at its full Capacity yeah they should have they Should have that set up for us yeah and That's not like really our fault like I Really do think that if they're gonna do To go they should figure that out like There's a way to do that and I wouldn't Be surprised if you can do it for to go To be fair I didn't ask I do think it's Their fault that it's not an option on The app if that's their like shtick I'm Impressed with all those flavors though

I mean Down kind of feels like almost homemade Like bread like it's actually really Soft for me a guy being a guy who hates Buns yeah I'm surprised I'm not hating This as much and I'm a little surprised Too but I you're all your uh points that You brought up are completely Fair yeah Absolutely I get it but it's all the Sauce and everything is The price tag for me is a little Alarming that's Insanity yeah and that's Probably only this is where our show Also kind of falls apart that's a place If you guys go on Instagram they serve Them in like they serve them in these Like dishes filled with smoke it's Clearly a place you don't get to go so I Mean there's places like that that like Our show just falls apart yeah I get that we're not gonna be able to Get so like it's hard I'm also having a Tough time like blaming them when our Show is to go it's just off the Experience that I was having right now Yeah all of that pads it in a way that It makes sense and it kind of gives them A pass on that I totally get that and What are you gonna not take to go orders Right now of course they are people are Calling and wanting of course You're gonna sell it but yeah that's Definitely seems like a place that once You kind of see the spectacle of it if

That is cool to you because if Seems good enough to want to then go Like I'm sold in the sense that now I do Want to know more yeah I would like to Have the full dog and pony show Um it was like a little appetizer Imagine if we got Medieval Times to Go it's a great example it's a great Example I wouldn't pay 25 for this Sandwich you're like well yeah but Usually there's no nights in our car Jousting absolutely none like you're Paying for the spectacles Benihana's the Same way yeah you got a guy at your Table talking you do Flipping The Shrimp Up he can give you the shrimp in the Little volcano of rice but just in a Little plastic container kind of loses Its Allure there's entertainment tax There's an entertainment absolutely yeah When you get food at a NBA game there's A reason the Hot Dogs cost more it's an Entertainment tap absolutely when you go Make a hot dog at home you don't have LeBron James flying from the free throw Line to dunk the ball in your living I Don't care how much your dad thinks he's Cool he's not doing it now so but I Don't know I'm digging it surprising We're Firefly sauces fire I really like The sauce and I like the plethora of it So the bun thing was a good point also a Couple new Vlogs for you guys one super Fun Vlog well I get like everyone caught

Up on my life there's a handful of Things I've been working on that were Really fun you were in two of the three Fun things sick Creator you and then Also yo whatever go watch the Vlog You'll see it's very spoiler plus I went To IO which has just got renovated which Was really fun and went to Parsons which Is great food we've taken you guys there For number six with cheese but then Obviously you guys see we're in a new Car there's uh I did a vlog of getting The new car you guys I show it all off You can see all the cool stuff that is See what the car is and then also that Was fun because I ended up going to end Up going that night to Laugh Factory Which I haven't really vlogged that Before so that was a good time just you Guys get to meet all my like comedy Friends that I hang out with that's Where I like usually go to hang out on The weekends that's um the Laugh Factory Bar believe it or not so took everybody Along for that ride if you guys want to Go see what I kind of who I Spent My Summer with yeah it's a good one to go To go see well then wanna do some shout Outs let's do it super thanks shout outs With them to Super thanks to people they Clicked the little dollar icon on our Videos Derek Boudreau Derek Boudreau Jim McFarland Derek Boudreau Jim McFarland Tyrod peace Marcus Craig Derek Boudreau

Jim McFarland Derek Boudreau Jim McFarland Darcy Deming Marcus Craig Three maybes and three maybes dude That's all within one week and I don't Want people to thank you yeah a lot of Bunch of new people from I think that Insane uh Derek Boudreaux people like Okay but super thanks uh goes a long way Derek's a trendsetter he's a trendsetter For sure and I think because of Derek we Got a bunch of new super things like you Said yeah thank you guys uh every little Bit counts even a buck thank you what do You say we don't rate that I don't think We should either I'm really glad you Said that because I don't I just feel Like it's not fair we're not raiding These it doesn't make sense that it's Meant to be I said I said everything That I need to say yeah and I don't Think a rating is gonna is gonna sync up With the way the show Works no because We'd have to rate it on our experience And our experience wasn't the experience That it's meant to be I rated it with Words instead of numbers I think that I Feel that I'm really glad you said that That's like rating me on sex after You're Roofing me I'm not at full Capacity baby you got me all drowsy and Dizzy you I never have to roofie you're Always down to clown Carlos all right guys don't forget to Like the video give it a thumbs up on

There if you get a chance make sure you Subscribe share it and then also comment So we can hang out down in the comments Section what would you inject your bun With if you could inject it with Anything this place is injecting it with Sauces like hot sauce barbecue sauce Aioli's cheeses like the everything's Open let's hear it all right I'll Comment mine we'll see you guys tomorrow For a brand new video thanks for being Here and uh be good to each other see You soon goodbye peace [Music]