End a delicious holiday meal with a scrumptious cheese course

When a holiday meal is served, it tends to be different than the typical weeknight dinner. From special to more options, usually no one leaves hungry. Although a holiday is often a sweet ending to that feast, it does not have to be the only choice. Why not end the meal with a course and taste the difference.

While many people have perfected the board, creating a course is similar. The idea is to offer a variety of flavors and textures. Whether it is a plate full of favorites or a few new cheeses to discover, this idea can be far more exciting than just another slice of pie.

Consider a cheese course to end a holiday meal, photo provided by Cristine Struble

Tasty ideas for a scrumptious cheese course

Hoard’s Dairyman St. Savior

A lovely Camembert style cheese, this mild cheese can bring a touch of sweetness to the plate when paired with a local honey or some pear slices. Best enjoyed with a crunchy cracker, especially a fruit and nut cracker, this creamy cheese is a luscious way to end a meal.

Door Artisan Cheese Company beer washed gouda

While some people end a meal with a cocktail or after dinner drink, some beer drinkers enjoy a hearty stout as the final note. This beer washed gouda from Door Artisan Cheese Company will delight beer lovers. Whether paired with another beer or just the subtle hoppy nots that blend with the gouda, this cheese should be a staple in any home cooks cheese drawer.

Carr Valley Glacier Blue Spruce Blue

While blue cheese can be a divisive choice, the Carr Vally Glacier Blue Spruce Blue captures that holiday spirit. With a slight sweetness combined with an earthy mushroom note, this blue cheese has some people feeling like they are wandering through the Northwoods. In addition, the cold smoked Blue Spruce imparts a delightful Wisconsin flavor note that will have people falling in love with this blue cheese.

Wood River Creamery Cheddar Black Truffle

From the moment this cheese hits the plate, it…


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