Emily In Paris is still all fluff, all  cheese, all fun

Darren Star’s show lacks women of agency, clarity, and depth. It still manages to become a fun but superficial watch with its cheerfulness, and the diverse representation

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24 December, 2022, 12:10 pm

Last modified: 24 December, 2022, 12:24 pm

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Photo: Collected


Emily In Paris 3 released on Netflix and it can be best described as cheese croissants for the mind – feels rich while you have it, but health benefits are still questionable. 

Created by Darren Star of Sex and The City fame, Emily In Paris lacks women of agency, clarity, and depth. Yet the chirp, the colourful French backdrop and the diverse representation together make it a fun albeit superficial watch.

Emily In Paris is about an American woman (Emily Cooper, essayed by Lilly Collins) who moved to Paris for a short work assignment but discovered love, life, and her own self in the city, and then decided to stay on. The first two seasons showcased how she navigates around the city, the culture shock it offers and the professional struggles she faces as an outsider. 

The third season of the show is as dramatic, loud and stuck in indecisiveness as the previous two seasons.

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“> Emily In Paris Is Still All Fluff, All  cheese, All Fun

Photo: Collected

Emily is now caught between two boss ladies – Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) and (Kate Walsh) – and she loves them both. Sylvie and Madeline worked together for Savoir, but the former quit and founded her own marketing agency. She is now a business rival for Madeline who is yet to find a balance between her new motherhood duties, and the challenges of saving her marketing firm’s French office with zero French employees.

For a show propping ladies not just in the lead, but in all positions of power, Emily In Paris shockingly lacks women with agency. The titular character (Emily) is not sure what she wants from her love life. Darren’s attempt to recreate the Ross-Rachel chemistry (from the popular American sitcom FRIENDS) in the…


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