Edward Hayden: Perfect savoury parmesan cheese & chive scones for summer nibbles

Back to the kitchen. Well, this week I have some fabulous savoury scones for you. These are perfect to serve with soups or broths or delicious summer salads. I adore these scones as a bread option for a dinner party, but also as a lunchbox filler. You can have as much fun and variation as you like by playing around with the ingredients to change the flavour of the scones. I promise you that these scones will be a big hit with everyone you serve them to – enjoy.

Happy Baking!



*1lb/450g plain flour

*1 rounded teaspoon of baking powder

*Pinch of salt

*1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper or paprika

*3oz/75g grated parmesan

*1 tablespoon of snipped chives

*3oz/75g butter

*1 large egg

*Approximately 7floz/200ml buttermilk


*1 egg

*3 tablespoons of milk

*Parmesan (optional)


*Mix in the buttermilk to achieve a soft sticky dough.

*Roll out on a floured work surface and cut into equal-sized shapes using either a sharp knife or a cutter.

*Brush lightly with beaten egg and milk and sprinkle with or a little extra if you wish. Alternatively, you could sprinkle with some mixed seeds or even a little extra cayenne pepper.

*Bake in the oven for 20 minutes until well risen and golden brown.

*Serve warm with butter.

’s Handy Hints:

– You may need to use extra buttermilk to achieve the right consistency.

– Don’t roll the scones out too thinly as you want a substantial depth to the baked .

Alternative flavours and suggested amounts

Garlic & Rosemary 2 cloves’ garlic, 2 sprigs of rosemary

Sultanas soaked in orange juice 3oz/75g

Roasted Vegetables 1&1/2 mixed peppers, 1/2 red onion, 1/2 courgette

, Apricot & Red Chilli 2 dessertspoons’ powder, 6 apricots, pinch of chilli flakes

Grated Mozzarella 3oz/75g

Bacon & Thyme 5-6 rashers of bacon – lightly grilled, 2 stems of thyme Cheddar Cheese & Rocket 2oz/50g cheese, 2 dessertspoons’ chopped rocket

Sun Dried Tomato & Chorizo 3oz/75g sundried…


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