Eating Popeyes $5 Blackened Chicken Sandwich | *BETTER THAN THE FRIED VERSION?!*

Today we’re at @Popeyes for their new $5 Blackened Chicken Sandwich which is NOT breaded. Is it better than their menu staple fried version?! Let’s find out today on #NumberSixWithCheese. #Popeyes #ChickenSandwich

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Damn the new car I ever wearing the same Structure I eat twinsies [Music] A fast food review here today at number Six with cheese that's Corey I'm Sean Glad you guys are here today the Blackened chicken sandwich from Popeyes We know the Epic one that just took over The nation but how about the blackened Version we're gonna try it rate it do Our thing today we're doing a patreon Shout out for Angela Basinger she signed Up for the ten dollar tier on patreon uh We appreciate it so much if you guys Aren't familiar with patreon is I think the best way to help support us It's the only way that we can know how Much money we have come in and can make Really cool plans for you guys so if you Want to check it out forward Slash number six with cheese we love and Appreciate everyone who supports us so Thank you and especially to Angela sixer Crew time for food review [Music] Hi can I get two of the spicy black and Chicken sandwiches please exciting Different sandwiches only yup just the Sandwiches please Thank you much have a good one all right In this bag two spicy blackened chicken Sandwiches from Popeye's acquired jump Cut all right Sixers up on the dashboard Corey Wagner second angle all right

Let's see what we got and Okay here we go whoa all right So we've got a little mushed up Bun that Chicken is like way spiced up crusted With something I don't know what and Then there's a sauce on top we've got The Popeyes vinyl pickles down below and More sauce on the bottom end too I would Assume they probably use just that spicy Mayo that was on the other sandwich and Just the chicken's different so we shall See But 4.99 per sandwich a la carte and Still in the steamer bag not a bad price Not at all Popeyes has done a good job With their sandwiches staying pretty Affordable we sure have and then real Quick on the big camera because we got It big old blackened chicken Chunky boy all right here we go Popeye's Black and chicken sandwich cheers Whoa flavor mm-hmm Wow okay very seasoned up in a good way Yeah a lot of sodium which I like almost Doesn't even taste like a fast food Chicken sandwich right because it Doesn't have that like fried breading Like everything else just tastes almost Like local Damn wow I do still prefer The crunch of the fried breaded sandwich Well half time my car just makes noises But I mean this is good but I would love To like just dump all this seasoning on

A bread one I agree maybe that's not Possible for some food science reasons I Don't know the blackened process because Escaped us I mean I will say The only critique I'm it's almost too Salty like I'm three bites in and I'm Like I feel my jowl's widening it's so Tasty though it's a lot of sodium you Can feel it this is fun though I mean I Feel like I don't really see fast food Places do blackened chicken like this Like this is really great right maybe Wendy's has done it they'd be really the Only other one I bet is maybe done a Blackened chicken yeah in that I'm gonna Be honest I doubt well a lot of sauce Too look at all that yeah the pickles Are great Papa's Got great pickles and They go really good with this sandwich I Know they were one of the ones that got Me into pickles I never really liked Pickles on sandwiches and they've just That original chicken sandwich has got Me mm-hmm Pickles go great with chicken sandwiches And pickle juice goes great with Drinking liquor it's an odd combo just Like us oh yeah damn right We're like the pickle back of the Fast Food review you don't want to try it but Once you do you can't get enough We're oddly good yeah this is well built Too they clearly made this right when we Got there it's piping hot everything

Seems to be made exactly how Corporate Wanted it to be made which is good for This location the meat's really juicy it Really is it's the least dry chicken I know this is the type of chicken That's been hanging out with Ryan Gosling not the type of chicken that's Been hanging out with Steve Buscemi You want to make it wet want to make you Drive damn right this guy or this guy Who'd you sleep with yeah A lot of people come into these foods And they don't realize they're going to Get a lot of wet and dry type of uh Humor and uh analogy yeah but it really Is accurate like everybody it's maybe a Little gross for you but you understand What we're saying you get it some people Give you a boners some people make your Pee-pee go inside like the cold That's not actually what happens it Sounded funny though that's science I'm Impressed I'm only gonna take one more Bite but this is great do you feel like You like Popeyes or KFC like as a Franchise which one you like better or Is it too hard to even say Franchise I gotta go Popeyes I think the Fry game's great they've been consistent With the chicken sandwiches for longer And even the bone-in stuff I think Popeyes is so good I mean out of KFC too It's great like I like KFC I think spicy Chicken from Popeyes is like unbeatable

It's a goat yeah I think if you Blindfolded me and gave me the sandwich Not even blindfolded me hand it to me Without me knowing where it's from I Think I think that was local that's Almost got a Parsons vibe to it like They can pull this or like Bud long Chicken here in Chicago something I'm Really impressed they could pull this Off what a slap on the face to Parsons Pull off Popeyes what a backhanded Compliment that was I gotta work on my Compliments it's like going up to a girl And being like dude you'd easily be a 10 In Louisville yeah right easily dude you Can pull that off like wait what real Quick we'd love to give shout outs to People that donate on the show today is No different let's give a 10 donation Shout out to Alyssa husko Mueller Melissa thank you one of the word PayPal And or uh venmo I'll take it we respect It we respect it linked below every Video you can donate to the show thank You to Alyssa now today let's break down What we thought of the sandwich then We'll roll right into our whiteboard Scoring Courier up I think the flavor Was really good like you said it might Have been a bit too much like saltiness Yeah I'm feeling it right now I mean but Fed America seems to go for that today I'm going for it hey fan America didn't Do me dirty the juiciness of the chicken

Was pretty incredible uh the bun was Like soggy and gross and mushed up but Didn't didn't ruin it for Me by any Stretch nope and then just like the real Big thing for me is like staying at that Five dollar thing for a new item we talk All the time about like Burger King McDonald's bro he's like what is the new Item there cost seven eight nine yeah Great solo not even as a combo so all That and then plus they really built it Well and they like the the amount of Sauce that they had on there was great And then display your profile with the Like Popeyes pickles which I think are Some of the best pickles in the game Honestly on the fast food game I went Together really well so all in all an Excellent job I'd say yeah if you're Somebody who consistently gets fried Chicken sandwiches I think this is a fun One to throw into the mix yes like don't Just skip it because it's not like Deeply beer battered and fried whatever Like this one is a is a try if you're in That World flavor overload but is the Salt too much we shall find out that's Right I also realize that keeping my Water bottle here is not a good idea Based on Aesthetics That's funny I'm disgusting oh that's a Good little sixer sauce holder that's Not gonna bounce around here we go all Right Alex all right Alex Trebek bump

That from Heaven thank you sir okay oh This is gonna be it's really easy you Feel a real also I feel like your seat Is so much higher than mine I know I'm Short I definitely need to do some adjusting Is it digital we'll worry about that in A minute yeah I might have to have it on For the electronics to be rolling I know Pretty instantly and pretty confidently What I want to give to this same sorry Alex but we're not gonna have you play Too much music today cut it off cut it Off cut it off I'm done all right Cory On the count of three Reveal Your score Out of five go down to whatever decimal Point you want are you ready one two Three ah three wow yeah I'm surprised You went that low but only because Compared to fried as much as I like that I'd never get it again okay I think it Was a very fun one-time thing Um the fried that the spiciness was good But too much salt too Um all right well guys don't forget to Like this video subscribe to the channel New videos Monday through Friday today We'll comment with you what is your Favorite way the chicken is prepared Whether it's a restaurant whether you do It something like fried chicken some People like Grill whatever pick yours We'll comment ours and also we'll chat With you all day and then I'll see you

Again tomorrow for a brand new episode Thank you for being here I'll miss you Till tomorrow how sick is that hoodie Though dude so fire go grab it duh see You guys soon Thank you [Music]