Eating Fannie’s Killer Fried Egg Sandwich from m.henry | *Finding Chicago’s Best Breakfast Sando*

We’re at #mhenry in Chicago searching for the city’s #BestBreakfastSandwich and we’re stopping in Andersonville.

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[Music] I'm stuck I want to have it all waving Magic wand make a bunch of money so all My homies can tag along it's like my Life just one long dramatic song I felt Connection between us but not a static Gone Gone damn what did I miss my home Was full of arguments what's a hug and a Kiss always grow up with the feeling it Was something I did and anything good or Normal was just something I wish Sixers internet hello welcome back to The cheese mobile here today at we're going up to Andersonville which is uh kind of on the Far north end of the north side and We're gonna try m.henry Henry I Don't know they have one of the best Breakfast sandwiches according to a Bunch of lists here in Chicago one of Our goals for this year is to knock out Some of the best breakfast Sandos the City has to offer so today we're gonna Help that out and knock one out so let's Go ahead go up there and then also Patreon shout out to Mr Michael reader He paid for the entire year up front 108 Bucks to help out the show thank you so Much forward slash shut up shut up We'll see you guys soon for the [Music] Yeah on top of the money on top of the Flows top of the charts top of the globe

Build the machine in this top of the Line who started with nothing I'm Watching it bro Thank you have a good one man Foreign [Laughter] All right one member of the Marines and One member of the Air Force all right we Got two different breakfast sandwiches From m.henry in that bag so pumped for This acquired jump cut let's take it in For a Corey Wagner second angle all Right let's look at this bad boy it's Pretty big breakfast sandwich Um you've seen all the sides we get too So uh for our bread I don't know exactly What type of bread we have here their Menu isn't showing it unless I think the Bread is sour belay oh bolay is a bread Yeah I'm just so dumb I thought maybe That was like a I saw I thought they Autocorrect changed it to sour belay and It's sourdough sourdough but I don't Have no idea maybe sour belay is a thing So I'm just dumb no you're not done sour Bolay or maybe sour bread that auto Corrected uh there's also two over Medium eggs Applewood smoked bacon Underneath there oh God a sliced plum Tomatoes uh oh see you later dead This is for all the sad people on the Internet I don't care all of you who Hate me for this I don't care and back To the goodies back to the sandwich

We've also got which by the way this is The Fanny's killer fried egg sandwich uh Gorgonzola which is this like cheese Stuff Sean said that might be part and It looks like it that's part of the blue Cheese family it's not just a different Word for blue cheese there's also fresh Thyme on here and then it comes oh That's here right yeah that's what I put It on there Uh and then it comes with a house made House potatoes All in all pretty damn good looking damn This is quite the spread though I mean All this fruit so this was 13.99 for all Of this but you're essentially getting Kind of two sides it's like kind of Fruit and potatoes a little bit and some Veggies it's a whole grab bag of stuff Potatoes are good just took a bite in There real quick on the big camera Because we got it bam This is a unique one dude the stuff they Chose to put on this is so like so Andersonville right so the Fanny's Killer fried egg sandwich 14 bucks to Spread MDOT Henry you think it's probably Henry it's like RL Stein you don't say r dot l dot sign M Henry cheers Foreign When I make sandwiches with this kind of Bread like longer bread like this I'll Traditionally layer it with eggs so you

Don't have what happened to me where the First bite is just bacon and bread yeah See I got egg in mine on this end but Look at this not on there I have nothing In this this section right here is like Basically got no no on it my eggs Like in the middle Oh my wow I do like sourdough bread it Has a constant hater of bread it's a Good grub oh so close it's very crunchy And toasty type these eggs too I love Over medium there's just a little bit of Yolk but not enough that it like makes a Messy abortion of the whole thing If you got soft mushed up teeth you're oh yeah you gotta have some Healthy straight teeth To eat this that makes me really nervous Because because I'm sure they know my Teeth just be falling I cracked and Banged both these front boys up a timer Till Morgan's oldest played everything else On here other than the Gorgonzola it was Like it's kind of just your standard Breakfast sandwich that adds a little a Little uniqueness to it yeah I don't Think this is something you should go Out of your way to get but that place in There was like adorable yeah and it had So many pastries and things like that I Love them places like that are a sweet Place but they offer some Savory options Yeah because I've been in the situation

Where I'm with people or I'm on vacation Or something we're grabbing something Quick and I don't want a croissant or a Muffin yeah like want an egg sandwich so I'm really glad they have it yup agreed I'm gonna try these potatoes with my Hands yeah I'm putting the potatoes on The salmon yeah that's just smart and There's some peppers and stuff on here Yeah yeah in the potatoes Nice Crunch and Corey check this out Kind of mushy well I had one mushy one That was real mushy the other two I have A really good button well good I mean Firm I didn't eat them I threw them out The window but oh putting potatoes down Here to move oh it's pineapple down we Actually landed in that thing yeah I Will warn you it did touch the floor Yeah I'm not touching that I think the Sourdough And the Gorgonzola are the two things That are really Been putting this in consideration Because other than that I would say this Is kind of an average the eggs aren't Spectacular the Bacon's not like blowing My mind what happens a lot in breakfast Sandwiches is I could make it at home Pretty pretty great I'm really proud of The way I make breakfast sandwiches There are places I've had I can't make The way they do these like fluffy Square Eggs with like these crazy sauces you

Know it's like this is definitely one It's good it's not going to be in the Great category and it's not something You should go out of your way to get It's just if you're walking by that Place in the morning and you're craving An egg sandwich perfect yeah I think Some of the places in Chicago in our Show has a tough time capturing this It's some of it's about the aesthetic And the particularly breakfast places Are very aesthetic driven they are very Colorful yeah going in and hanging out There and having a nice deep like better Than average breakfast sandwich is a Great experience but it's not like Something you're going hunting like no Damn I'm a Taurus and I gotta go get This yeah I don't go up for that but Good little neighborhood joint as a Guy Fieri would say a funky little joint Every breakfast diner is a funky little Joint which I do kind of love Andersonville I do too man it's one of My favorite neighborhoods I think we Talked about that when we went to Big Jones together yeah that place man Smacked so the two breakfast sandwich Places on our list right now so if you Have more suggestions drop them kasama So Cory can finally have the insane Longanista breakfast sandwich dying for It and the other spot is called loaf Lounge kind of an unfortunate name but

That was like number two under kasama And that wasn't open until later in the Week for us so we'll get that another Time I love breakfast makes me so happy Definitely a big believer and eat Breakfast any time of the day I Think I crave it more like not in the Morning yeah or like on a Sunday Obviously if I'm hungover and like I Drank a bunch like it's so great but Like I love a late night Diner dude I Don't do that nearly enough anymore yeah Me neither but I love that Vibe did you See after Trevor Lawrence won that one Game he went to Waffle House That's amazing I respect that one of the Things that has taken social media by Storm in the hours following the Jaguars Win last night Waffle House at Jacksonville Beach dude This sandwich is uh really goes up if You take those Peppers that are on the Potatoes they should be throwing those On the Sammy that is like some damn good Those peppers are flavored fantastic I'm Gonna do it got some green onion in here Too yeah I love green onion yeah I'm Gonna put some potatoes some peppers Some green onion and just make this even More all right now we got kind of an Epic bite Yeah well peppers are great right Suggestion

It's like a Chipotle like people that Don't get the fajita Peppers yeah what Are you doing dude they're free yeah All right well I feel good about that That was delicious I think it can only Go up from here I agree I think that was A really good starting spot and I think Some of these are really gonna like Really blow us away yeah blow our socks Off and that sourdough is a little Crummy though The shirt's looking yeah yeah you're Crummified we're going to get the car Detailed after this so don't worry that He's just bashing them all over his new Car is this going to be the first uh Kind of cleaning of a new car the first Uh the scrub down that's right all right Cory let's go ahead um and talk about The sandwich before we rate it on the Boards out of five let's break it down a Little final synopsis what do you got For me I think that like I said the the Sourdough and the Gorgonzola are the Best part of that the bacon and the eggs Are kind of you're just average bacon And eggs the the there is some space on That sandwich where I just had like Three or four bites that didn't have Anything there yeah I think there's also A really good opportunity for two Cheeses call me wild I always like it Like a more creamy cheese like an American cheese melt it up yeah I like

That idea and I think people might get a Little afraid of that like 14 price Point but I do want to remind them a lot Of potatoes plus some fresh fruits in There so it's a it's a full well-rounded Meal if that was on a plate like a diner Plate it would fill it yeah it's a whole Meal that wasn't just the same much like We mainly get yeah uh so when you're Looking at the price point Um a little bit above average kind of What I was saying like wouldn't go out Of my way but I think it's a great place If you're walking by it's a cute Adorable spot to stop in to me it kind Of violated the number one rule of Sandwich making when I have a sandwich And I bite it I want to get every single Flavor every single bite yeah yep and Because there were gaps and the Egg was Only on one side that's a problem the Thing that the only thing that was Across the whole thing was the sauce the Gorgonzola the Gorgonzola yeah Everything else had moments where it was Just bites of bread and gorgonzola yep Um so to me that's a that's big points Off that's that's points off in the Sandwich making but we'll see how it Does on the score yeah uh Alex Trebek Bumped that track thank you sir all Right I feel pretty good about my score I do too It was so tasty that it's like it's

Still at the end of the day like a good Platter of food I'm not going to tell Anybody about this place right right I Don't think I'll probably eat there Again unless I happen to find myself in The neighborhood so that person we're Just walking and moaning yeah there's a Lot of crazy people All right on the count of three go ahead And Reveal Your score are you ready yeah One two three ah we're pretty close so Close I almost went sub three yeah I was Right on the line for going three so for Those watching um for those watching if You're seeing this you're watching uh The 2-5 for us is like kind of like the The dead middle kind of the cut off of Good like get it or don't get it average Kind of thing yeah guys don't forget to Like this video straighten the camera uh Subscribe to the channel new videos Monday through Friday sometimes we go Live all kinds of fun stuff with the Merch and the patreon but today to Comment on this video on YouTube or Facebook dude we're watching you better Comment do it what is your vehicle Preference for a breakfast sandwich and There's so many options yeah the bagel The MC or the muffin is well English Muffin croissants croissant tortillas Tortilla yeah which I guess that's a Taco but you know it's a sandwich Burrito yeah but with your vehicle

Though what is the vehicle you can do a Lot of strap I don't care you might be It doesn't need to be a sandwich you Might be skinny skinny Jimmy yeah what Is your favorite vehicle for a breakfast Sandwich or breakfast item let us know And uh we'll chat with you in the Comments throughout the day and it'll be Breakfast all day here at number six With cheese open late 24 hours and we'll See you guys very soon for a brand new Episode we love each and every one of You we've been doing this a long time we Couldn't do it without y'all goodbye This is the part of the video where I Jellyfish and smack the lens Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music]