Eagles fans troll Packers with ‘Philadelphia cream cheese’ heads

Cream isn’t actually from here, but Eagles fans are taking advantage of the worldwide famous spread to poke fun at their opponent during Sunday Night Football.

“Cheesehead” started off as a derogatory term for people from Wisconsin, which produces a ton of the stuff — 17 million tons a year, actually. The Dairy State is responsible for a quarter of the nation’s and nearly half of all U.S.-made “specialty” , per the dairy farmers association.

But the word was embraced by Wisconsin sports fans back in the 1980s. It was a guy named who turned the tide, according to legend.

While reupholstering his mom’s couch, he snagged a piece of foam that looked like cheese, spray-painted it yellow, and put it on his head during a baseball game. It was a hit, per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and Bruno turned it into a business.

Green Bay Packers fans, known for being some of the most diehard in the NFL, wholeheartedly adopted the cheesehead hat. It gained fame when the Packers were in in the ’90s, and is now a common sight at Lambeau Field.

And on Sunday night, those wedge hats were also spotted at Lincoln Financial Field — with a twist.

Instead of the usual yellow-orange hunk riddled with holes, the versions were covered in silver. There were several variations, but all had something similar: emblazoned on their sides were the words “ Cream Cheese.”

The brand became globally famous. In much of Europe, if you say the word “,” you’re talking about stuff you put on a bagel (or whatever breakfast rolls they have across the pond).

While the Kraft-made schmear was never actually made in Philly, it bears the city’s name for a reason: In the mid-19th century, the Philadelphia region was considered the absolute tops when it came to cheese production.

Wisconsin may have taken over when it comes to mass production, but there’s still plenty…


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