Dumfries and Galloway cheese producer provides more than 10,000 free meals

A Dumfries and has teamed up with a charity to provide more than ten thousand free meals to people across Scotland.

is involved in a project with Fair Share, looking to help reduce and loneliness in communities across the country.

More than 1.2 tonnes of cheese have already been donated to various community hubs throughout Scotland.

in Dumfries supports families in need, providing a community kitchen and a – demand for which has doubled in the past year.

Judith Armstrong from said: “We obviously understand that it’s been a very challenging year for a lot of families and a lot of individuals and we thought it’s a really good chance now COVID is over to get everybody out and socialising.

“So we’ve provided cheese along with some extra money for people to pick what kind of meals they’ve wanted.”

are helping those throughout the cost of living crisis. Credit:

For lots of people, this is their main source of contact and social interaction. is a volunteer at the community centre and believes that many people in the local community have been benefitting.

He said: “It’s going to be that people go without because they’re not being able to afford, because fuel is going up, the cost of living is going up, it makes it difficult for everybody.

Summerhill Community Centre say that they will continue to provide help and support to people for as long as they need it.

Anne Marie Coulter, said: “Times are tough and the cost of living has a huge impact on everyone.

“And we all can recognise that and I think just having community gatherings where it doesn’t matter how much money you’ve got, it doesn’t matter about where you are, you can just come here and you can enjoy, socialise and enjoy some togetherness and have some homemade meals together.

“For lots of people, this is their main source of contact and social…


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