Costco’s Cheese Advent Calendar Is Back In 2022

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If you are looking for a tasty, relatively healthy way to count down the remaining days until Christmas, consider Costco’s 12 Days of Festive Cheese. It’s probably the wisest choice among the many options in today’s booming treat-filled Advent calendar market.

One of the wholesale club’s most popular holiday items, the collection of imported European cheeses has become something of an internet sensation in recent years. YouTuber BigJonTV created a whole 12-part series on the fancy cheeses.

Fans were so psyched to see the item’s return this year that they hardly seemed to notice the cost increase. Priced at $49.99 last year, it now costs $54.99. Imported cheese prices are up over 13% since 2021, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service.

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Unlike other Advent calendars, which often come loaded with sugary sweets, Costco’s box of 12 cheeses brings a steady dose of protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, in addition to holiday joy.

Inside the box you’ll find tantalizing selections like Manchego, the easily digestible, aged sheep’s milk cheese from Spain, and Gouda from the Netherlands, a good source of bone-building vitamin K2. Each selection comes with suggested wine and food pairings—and an appropriately cheesy joke.

American adults are advised to eat up to three servings of dairy daily, according to USDA Dietary Guidelines, which translates to a maximum of 4.5 ounces of cheese. Costco’s holiday cheese box weighs in at over three pounds in total, so it’s probably smart to share with friends and family.

Other grocers are also offering holiday-themed cheese selections…


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