Cleo’s Southern Cuisine W/ Dario from 77 Flavors of Chicago!

Today we’re headed to Cleo’s Southern Cuisine in their new Loop location and we have the pleasure of eating with of the Chicago podcase, 77 Flavors of Chicago! Make sure you give the podcast a follow at their links below!

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You guys welcome back to today headed down into the loop For one of the locations for Cleo's Southern Cuisine very exciting today on The show Dario from the 77 flavors Podcast here in Chicago some may even Say wildly successful podcasts so Excited to see Dario also a great Stand-up comedian yes pumped to have him Glad you're here also a patreon shout Out today guys for Derek Boudreau one of The all-time great he's got he's Dropping two bucks every video and then On top of that he's also a patreon Member at the 10 tier if you want to Support the channel if you want to be Like Derek if you want to get a shout Out head on over to forward Slash check out The tears we're gonna hook you guys up With something fun Um let's get to the let's go meet Dario guys yeah Foreign [Music] acquired with Dario about to head Back to the car eat this Cleo's so much Good stuff like I said acquired jump cut All right we're all set up we've got the GoPro rack in the back seat uh with Dario and uh this is a big one for us This is awesome we're super stoked I'm Glad to be here man I appreciate y'all Yeah we'll get into everything that

Dario does uh but we got to focus on the first because that's why a lot of You are here then you'll fall in love With art yeah this is one of those guest Episodes where our guests did pick where We went um so like always let's get into A Corey Wagner second angle all right We'll show you what we got here I went With the hot honey chicken sandwich it's Covered in pickles I mean look at that Bread chicken that is just delicious That looks like even better than before Right for real look at that thing and Then underneath they just do a little Lettuce I'm telling you I don't really Trust the uh cafeteria style ones as Much as I track the brick and mortar Yeah we went to the timeout market Location it's now there's a location Open uh last two months on Wells in the Loop yeah which is pretty awesome so now Let's get into what Dario got the Dario's second angle oh my goodness First of all we got the catfish three Pieces of catfish uh we got some three Wings right here and then this biscuit Right here is one of the most underrated Biscuits in all of Chicago I promise you That I like that hot take oh my goodness I I look I stand though I believe I Believe it I believe that was convincing You know what I'm saying then it's Macaroni cheese number six you can't be On without this

Macaroni and cheese see I love that you Have that stipulation yeah that was a Dario request like look the number six With cheese we gotta get the mac and Cheese is fire so we gotta do it you Gotta do it this was a must right here I Think Dario Dario and I got the same Right I got the three I'm I love catfish Fillets this might be maybe the second Time on the show I've ever had a catfish Play really good um yeah a lot of places We go to just have burgers and stuff So I'm so so excited for this um only my Second time at Cleo's ever so I'm very Pumped all right well there's only one Thing left to do and that's cheers our Food damn look at these catfish fillets Okay they ain't playing all right Cleo's Uh the the loop location boys let's go Cheers great to have you oh my goodness Thanks for having me Um oh my God I love catfish so much weird name great Food their breading is so unique and Good it really is damn look at this just Falling apart in the best way yeah so What made you pick this place other than The fact that they have amazing food Well I like uh Cleo's for the simple Fact it's a bronze Bill Staple in Bronzeville yeah anybody that lives in The 77 Plymouth Chicago Um we have an affinity for Bronzeville It's it's the black metropolis and this

Food is very indicative of what what That means right and when you think About it this is I'm probably say it Again one of some of the best chicken in Chicago you know we talked about enough They need to with the north side you Know the south side is so dope to see Him right here in the loop Um that's why I picked the man because Like hey I wanted to eat it uh and I was Looking if y'all paying for it I'm gonna Do it all right but also man like this Is people need to know about this man Y'all got a dope platform and then we Got some appreciate it man yeah you know Who didn't make catfish like this my Polish grandmother so it's really nice To get a little culture and how it's Supposed to be cooked for the pierogies Uh yeah it was ever all the food was Gray and brown okay yeah so speaking of 77 flavors yeah why don't you give us a Little background on what that is this Is actually fun for me because I feel Like I know you from before that right Yeah yeah I was gonna say I didn't think You had started that when we had first Met so I've been able to watch you start This podcast and then watch all these News articles on it and it's been like a Really fun process watching it but why Don't you give the audience like a Breakdown what 77 flavors is and kind of The background story so seven seven

Flavors in Chicago basically it's a Podcast that uh goes to all 77 Chicago's Community areas talk about the history And we talk about food in that community Area and uh it's fun it's light-hearted I do it with my girlfriend yeah we're Partner and the funny thing is the story Is the story how it started right so I Bought this I bought all the equipment Based off of another podcast to make That better and when I got the equipment Home it was the first time I've ever had Anything that sounded good yeah and so I'm like I'm like I'm like holy This sounds really good and I told my Girlfriend Sarah hey put these Headphones on listen to yourself she Goes damn I sound good we should do a Podcast it's that buttery smooth audio That motivates you yeah I get it I get It yeah you know and like 15 minutes Later we had uh we had the idea we had The name down Um yeah no joke and you know Chicago I'm A Chicago die hard yeah she's from Jordan's uh cook so that's where 77 Flavors we kind of combined two things We love yeah and the rest is history man That's incredible that is incredible and You guys are closing in on doing the Whole every all 77 in Chicago's Neighborhoods huh yeah December 12th we Have uh our is going to be the 77 Community area episode not the 77th

Episode actually it'll probably be Somewhere like 90. uh hit 92 episodes But yeah so we will be ending there we Have a live taping that's going to Happen Um right before then so a lot of those Stuff happened it's just it's been like Unbelievable year yeah and a half you've Been busy yeah I've been damn busy yeah Watching you travel Egypt was one of the More exciting things like that was the Fomo that I got to have like just Scrolling through Instagram and Facebook Or whatever be like damn bro pyramids Yeah I think it's when that episode went Live I think I was sitting in Lyle Illinois and I was like damn I'm one of those people that gets only Gets fomo when it's like travel related Yeah so uh seeing all that and your Stuff pops up everywhere it's like it's Very cool for me because we run a lot of Different Instagram accounts and Vlogs Your stuff just always pops up in the Best way it's always like someone's Sharing it or someone I knew was on all That stuff so appreciate that we we want To get this big news up there not I Think y'all know me man it's not fun It's not for me you know I don't need The glow in the cloud not things like That I love Chicago y'all love Chicago Best city yeah man yeah man y'all been Doing it six years we've been doing it

For what uh two years a year and a half Now yeah and you know you learn so much About Chicago dude how many people do You think have you interviewed on the Street knew there were 77 neighborhoods I think that's a very like unknown fact Yeah awesome to learn yeah that alone I'm glad you stayed there because we a Lot of people like 177 me I'm like like What do you mean you know you know me my First reaction is like uh Chicago and I'm like you know that is a that is a Weird number for people to just randomly Know I got a lot of friends that moved Here as transplants and there's no world They know that yeah nobody nobody yeah They picked like six yeah they've been On one train line I went on the Brown Line finally like Dude yeah do you know what playing day Is a lot of people don't know the Difference between the community area And a neighborhood yeah that's also Something yeah that so we're educating People on that too there's uh over over 200 neighborhoods in Chicago yeah but 77 That's the next show you guys should Just start doing those videos yeah like Oh you think you know Chicago let me Help you oh we're we're getting it we Got some facts on there that a lot of People are like holy yeah I'd be One of those holy ships I love buying You fun facts we love that stuff we nerd

Out about like actual I love Documentaries and actually learn like I Like to know a lot about the place I'm Living yeah like so many people just Like kind of take it for granted like I Really dig the history of it like I took The architecture extra tour finally but Like just the amount of stuff you learn In 90 minutes like about the city it's Just I love the history like my area Where I live like the River West area Like all the Montgomery Ward stuff I Just thought it was so cool with the uh With how they used to be for the Newspapers too absolutely and they were Like they had his own ZIP code from all The catalogs coming in and like they Found a bunch of roller skates in the Wall of the Groupon building because it Was like what they would use to like go Around yeah [Applause] Did you know that uh Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and uh Santa Claus Were inventing here in Chicago no yeah Leo Bernard yeah Is because We they want to make money yeah You're believing something yeah yeah Believe in something so that's so that's How it started that's incredible I see That I just saw that have you tried this Yet no what is it this is our number six With cheese hotter I need to put that up

Y'all got it we got oh hot sauce we got Two hot sauce this is the hotter one you Like a little spice I can't wait to this Will be a live review let's go this is The real reason we had Dario did you get A hopeful testimonial this mac and Cheese is ridiculously good by the way What I tell you and hot sauce and Macaroni cheese is one of my favorite Things all right I know a lot of people Watching the show like fast food got a Good kick to it so do you guys remember That the naked Chicken Chalupa at Taco Bell where the chicken became the shell Yeah this catfish is so large I kind of Have like a little catfish shell yeah Drinking poor sauce with a little canal Let's see here we go here we go boys I Can't wait I do love it it works with Catfish it might be my first time having A catfish Um a little black pepper did y'all put This together oh yeah we got a shaft That we partnered with we kind of knew Our flavor profiles and we kind of Crafted it together but oh a little Honey a little ketchup of mustard a Little black pepper garlic onion y'all It's supposed to be good for like kind Of all foods what's going on here It's on fire right I'm glad you like it It's legit sweetness yeah yeah the honey In there is really nice and that's the Hotter one too oh my goodness y'all sell

This oh yeah my only regret today is not Bringing you a bottle I know I didn't Even think about it so I know where you Left you know what we will mail you a Couple we'll get your address and we'll Send you a couple yeah for you and Sarah Yeah oh my gosh a couple bottles here Hot sauce Freak Like Us let me tell you She's from the Middle East man they are They food different man yeah it's not Just all Ranch like me and my upbringing Oh yeah all right who passed the Deans Dude the macaroni cheese is very unique What did I tell you I told you it's like It's creamy but it's together it's not Runny what is this noodle Shake I don't Even know these are like little curly Kids yeah I don't know where they get it From have you tried the biscuit yeah That's what I'm going for that was gonna Be my to myself look at the Butteriness on this thing they call it 24 karat gold biscuit right what a great Name that was excellent Stuart Scott Would call this butter yeah oh yeah oh Yeah that's butter damn this is good This gets approved I'm gonna put Macaroni and cheese on the best one of The top in the city would you Yeah most of the biscuits I have Unfortunately are nowhere near this good Yeah because it's like it like Popeyes Or like candy right you're okay for Passing yeah but not this like homemade

I got a question for you yeah so if People want to go just because I know You mentioned earlier that you're doing A live podcast taping yeah first off I Guess where can people watch a podcast At but then also if they want to go see You live is there a particular platform That they should follow you on so that They can figure out get tickets To that yeah for sure um you can follow Us right now on social media everywhere On social media at 77 flavors shy so YouTube Facebook Instagram Twitter Tick Tock at literally everything is 77 shot Follow the Instagram for the uh post Um so you buy tickets tickets are Donation based yeah we're not we're not Collecting any money off of this like we Haven't done the whole podcast so we Just want people to come have fun we We're gonna have some of the past guests On there we're gonna have uh just a good Time got a DJ hey yeah yeah you know event plan yeah you're gonna be like The old Wednesdays after work yeah Serious DJ out never yeah yeah we're Gonna do it follows there we love how You come out only can have 50 tickets And this is the only I told you all but Fun fact this is the only episode we Ever planned so yeah two and a half a Year and a half it's the only one we Ever planned some good stuff coming for You guys yeah it's pretty cool also you

Guys heard that they said uh YouTube you Guys need to go subscribe to that we got To one to one you guys are all YouTube People hey Apple hey y'all yeah come on Leave number six with cheese people Y'all follow us you guys are fans of Food yeah you know and we got some Chicago folks I know you guys and even If you're not from Chicago you obviously Love watching the Chicago food stuff so Head on over there is way better looking Than us yeah that's true well I'm all Superficial and if you want to see Sarah Roast me from time to time that's the Only person to get away with it yeah That sounds like me and Sean's Relationship yeah he's the Sarah yeah Absolutely no wait no time to roast oh Yeah I mean I'm Darius there yeah yeah What's it like working with your Significant other that's pretty big you Know we gotta asked that question a lot At the beginning but the truth of the Matter is it's actually fun Not to be mushy and everything but like We have such a great chemistry we the Two best friends that we got yeah yeah I Get it why not make it fun and we didn't Know we didn't know it was going to blow Up the Chicago Food Tribune critic he Found us and was like yo this is dope And we blew up that percentage Was it Nick who yeah This hot sauce is fire I'm so glad you

Like it legit it's so so literally like That's out of control yeah I'm really Glad you guys that means a lot because Like we we we're very proud of that yeah You should be you're like you should be Like I always say it's the second best Hot sauce on the market I think it's the First trough I think Trump yeah I think Trump's the best in the game I literally Like all of them yeah I like I got Trouble oh the red bottle yeah the hot That's the hotter one yeah I mean you Put that on like deli sandwich it's Stupid it's stupid I was just using it This weekend I got my little truck fire Last night it's like it's just when you Know you want a little truffle it's Great yeah some nights I don't want that Flavor profile and some I do I mean Corey wasn't every night bro every night So like for me I I can't get off of uh Louisiana but that hot sauce right there That is fantastic like I'm not even Joking I'm just gonna cut this and Making an ass Sauce Like let me talk to y'all real quick That that Louisiana is good don't get me Wrong it's always going to be there but Sometimes you know Jordan had to come Off the bench at some point you know What I mean yeah like he had to come off The bench LeBron getting old you know Like new age man so that's all I'm gonna

Say man Sixer sauce is like the hot new point Guard out of North Carolina yeah He just got Swagger for days for days Man it's quite the compliment for John Yeah Okay all right you want to rate do you Want to grab um yeah let's do it all Right we got the whiteboards out we're Gonna score it out of five like we Always do you can down to whatever Decimal point you want but first we'll Break it down then we'll reveal uh Corey Why don't you kick it off dude that Chicken sandwich once again I know you Guys have seen us eat it on a video but It even surpassed what we had before it Was prepped up even better I think the Breading is so unique and delicious and It's like you can see all the herbs and Spices in there that make it really good And then the hot and the sweet mixing in And then also like just really if you if You're gonna have a chicken sandwich you Need to have top-notch pickles or no Pickles at all and they have top-notch Pickles so that it added to the Experience didn't take away from it just A fantastic sandwich yeah all right Dario what's your breakdown of your your Platter so the catfish is like you There's no better catfish in the city I Know there's no better catfish in the City uh the breading is it's like

Top-notch the flavor is like unmatched The chicken is is just Immaculate I love Fried chicken and like to have the Crispy skin with the flavor and it's Still juicy on the inside you can't beat It the biscuit y'all already know how I Feel it 24 karat gold 24 karat gold it Don't miss uh and then for the for the Simple fact that you get three pieces Big pieces of uh catfish three nice Sized Wings yeah for a decent price you Know I mean yeah you know 17 bucks is What I think it was for that yeah not Bad that's what that's my takeover you Can tell we got a food guy on the show Yeah right I don't know it was pretty good Just throw every gas you've ever had Under the bus I'm not gonna say anything better than That I will just say how impressed I was By that location opening because they're A Brownsville staple yeah so to be able To travel to the loop which is normally Kind of like business folks and then Tourists uh to be able to deliver on That yeah is going to get big points I Feel like you can see there's certain Places that go from started outside the Loop started in regular neighborhoods And come to Loop and you see a drop in Quality because it's so difficult to get Something here yeah that's not the case Here it's good to see you all right Alex

You're back uh bumped that track in Heaven all right we got it rolling now Let's let's score it let's score it So good though Mine was what like 12 bucks yeah yeah You're really good that's a good price For a chicken it sure is dude It's ridiculous here I kind of want to Do it I'm curious I'm a curious little Curious cat dude he's got such good Skills all right there we go I'm getting Better at hiding my score a skill I Didn't think I'd need to have yeah but When you're friends with Corey Wagner You got to be very elusive my God All right you're gonna make your editing Tougher all right fine All right on the count of three boys Flip your score out of five here today At Cleo's in the loop one two three Oh dude we're all right Four seven you had four nothing below a Four five that's ridiculous I and we Hold those High fours like in really High regards yeah this is our royalty Score this is royalty score absolutely Um includes his royalty and like you Said not enough people are really Talking about them no and they should I Will be I'll be singing it from the Mountaintops yeah you know what's crazy The only reason why I gave him a 4.8 is Because uh point one is because nobody's Perfect

Nobody's nerfing yeah and then another Point one because you don't get the full Menu there and y'all need that yeah we Didn't say that that's an abbreviated Version of it yes yes you go there and You think that's it you got it yeah that Makes a lot of sense yeah all right guys Don't forget to like the video subscribe To the channel if you share on Facebook We'll be eternally great grateful to you So please please please please spread The the love and the gospel of number Six with cheese and don't forget you Guys all have to go follow 77 flavors of Chicago I have everything linked below So just go down and click on the link Thank you follow Dario make sure you Subscribe on uh YouTube and all that and Then also a question for you guys so we Can all hang out in the comment section Below what is your City's best Neighborhood for food this guy's going Out and figuring out every neighborhood Not neighborhood Community yeah every Community in Chicago's little food Epicenter and figuring out what they got We have our favorites in Chicago we're Gonna comment them below we want to hear Your favorites if you have your favorite Chicago comment that if you're not from Chicago and you want to say West Toledo Is the best spot to go get food or Whatever Dude all the hot spots the best pizza in

The world Cory's uh going on record to Have Toledo Pizza yeah he's gonna create It I'm from Toledo and there's a thing I Consider Toledo have its own brand of Pizza it does yeah it sure does and so I'm trying to push that to be the best Pizza in the world Yeah he sold that student Anyways go comment do your thing let's Get out of here thanks Dario yeah Brothers man keep on Shining see you Guys [Music] Thank you