Chicago’s Best New Burrito Spot | La Mexicana Grill

Today we’re headed to in Wrigley to try their delicious picante burrito!




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You guys hello welcome back to welcome back to a local Chicago Food review today we're in Wrigleyville very close to Wrigley Field At for some wild Looking burritos puncture here that's Right guys we're also pumped to do a Shout out today this one's a merch shout Out for Mr Matthew minnetowski he's Always buying her merch he's always a Big supporter of the show on this go Around he bought the hamburger logo Shirt the five pack of stickers don't Forget we got those they're pretty fire And then additionally two pairs of Sunglasses this guy went hard heavy and Hit it out of the park and I respect him For it Matthew you are a g if any of you Guys want to be like Matthew and get a Shout out and buy some of our sick merch Go to .com and Snag up something goody all right let's Check out some hot Cheetos snag Something goody yeah I didn't know how To respond Let's us let's eat some Cheetos in a burrito bad intro [Music] All right we got two of the burritos they're Picante burritos In that bag acquired jump cut all right Cory Wagner second angle all right Here's what we got with the picante Burrito we went with the steak you can Choose your own protein we got Flamin

Hot Cheetos on here cheese fresh guac Sour cream and pico de gallo yeah I'm Actually I feel like when I have done Cheeto burritos like this like at some Point it's normally with chicken I'm Excited to get it with steak Yeah the Chemical red gotta love it just stain in My hands so bright all right here we go Picante burrito La Mexicana Cheers Cheers We got nacho cheese in there ladies and Gentlemen wow the Integrity of the Cheeto has stayed intact yeah it's still Crunchy not sogged up no song City it's Crunch Bill and there's a lot of them my First bite was more Cheeto than anything Else oh yeah the combination of flavors Is just amazing it's just such an easy Cheat code it really is like why more Places don't just have something on Their menu with Cheetos in it like I'm Just drawn to it adds texture with the Crunch adds flavor to the hot Cheeto add Spice to the hot Cheeto what more do you Want wow this is like a really well done Burrito too big price it was about 12.50 A burrito before tax which you can get It for cheaper which is crazy yeah we Got the three dollar add-on of the steak Like a chicken we made it 9.50 right I Will say though sour cream as a 75 or 95 Cent upram the coolness of it especially With the Cheetos is so nice you want to Try their salsa they got like a hot

Sauce I forgot about this this is a Roja They got a red and green like pretty Much every Mexican place guys I'm gonna Go balls of all this stuff I'm going all In on a little dump looks good Flavor out the gate that's fresh tasting That is fresh tasting wow Brew sweeter From South Africa I'm just I'm actually Like this is not just a novelty thing no Really impressed very impressed top to Bottom oh Drop it don't drop yeah pajama pants Slippers definitely just woke up maybe Going to get coffee it's like the coffee Walk it's Monday Bro like go get ready For life he looks at me what's he going He's going oh he's trying to maybe he Left his credit card at the bar oh that Might be yeah he tried to walk into Output up here and they wasn't having it That guy just dropped his groceries What's going on here yeah what the hell Now what's this guy doing he's like I Need to see your ID to get the credit Card back maybe this dude had a night oh He dropped it there's a lot this guy's Having a struggle Monday I made a fun Sunday night though that Was a good party hey can I get a little Sixer sauce I'll tell you what else I Like about this they clearly Grill up The burrito post like rolling and it Adds a little like I feel like it helps The burrito hold together a little bit

Better my favorite drunk burrito spot Angela's they they were the first place In Chicago I ever went to that did the California Burrito and then grilled it Really nice afterwards so it all stays Apart the eating process when you do That to the burrito is also so much Better not only is like the experience Like the taste is better with the crunch I feel like but like it's when you Haven't when it's easier to eat you Enjoy it more I'm so impressed by this Place wow just so much flavor I feel Like this is a welcome to the new year That I always wanted it's a good Delicious burrito with the hot Cheetos In January we're gonna have a good 2023. Is there anything more pot headers than Hot tails on burrito this is a great Example of a great Stoner move I've Talked about this on the show before but A move that you told me that I think is Very underrated because we're talking About textures on burritos croutons it's A great move people don't think to do it Do afraid to like go against what Society thinks you're supposed to do Throw some croutons on your burrito dude Did you eat both yours almost all right Before we grab the white boards we rate This bad boy out of five let's go ahead And break it down for you as always Corey you're up first I am very very Very impressed I think the price is

Right I think actually next time I would Try it with just the chicken because if That price is lower and tastes just the Same no man I mean that's a really if It's eating some change out the door With that thing although I think I'd Probably add sour cream every time I Think so too I'm such a big sour cream Guy but even nine and some change out The door that's a hell of a deal it was Hardy it was huge it was cooked very Very well the hot Cheetos added the Texture it added the flavor all the Flavors in there came together very well They didn't skimp and like they like Having guac on there was excellent and I Love guac in a burrito I love it on There too and then going the extra mile And frying up the the tortilla on the Grill afterwards and then also just a Quick side note like if you go in there It's a pretty uh expedite a process it Looks like it's kind of just your Standard almost Chipotle or sub it's Actually closer to Subway under the Chipotle like stay in front tell them What you want move on and I was telling Sean they got like the Taco Bell kiosks Where it's almost like a little screen And computer right in front of you when You walk in and you can do a quick order On there yeah and have it ready for you It's so that I you know they get a Couple bonus points for like ease of use

In there at least my perceived ease of Use absolutely kind of all my thoughts Wrapped into one everything Corey said I Mean the fact that it's so customizable The price was good the location of where This is like after a Wrigley like if This is still open next year after Cubs Games or after concerts I think this is A great stop and it looks newer so like This I think we're going to be some of The first people to kind of review this Yeah on YouTube videos at least overall Really impressed with everything I think They did all the things right that I Like in a burrito like you said yes They're crisping it up they're adding The texture they did all those things so It's gonna get a good score all right Alex Trebek play that track [Music] That oh [Music] I'm going pretty aggressive on this I Think I'm starting with a big old number [Music] This is one that I did not think was Going to be this High putting nothing Against it it's just they really Delivered all right you ready for this Delivered yep one two three ah yeah I Figured you're probably gonna go perfect I left a little room but I was like dude What could make that better the price Point I just couldn't figure anything

Out to make it better I'm sticking with It uh make sure you guys like the video Subscribe if you haven't done that yet Share it if you can help spread the word Get out there and Then real quick a question for you guys So we can hang out down in the comments Section what would your choice options Be for a stoner burrito what are you Throwing up on there I want to hear it Comment it below we're gonna throw ours On there and uh yeah I guess we'll see You tomorrow huh see you soon [Music] Foreign [Music]