Chicago’s Best Kept Breakfast Secret: Uncovering the Perfect Sandwich at Eleven City Diner

We’re continuing our quest for the best breakfast sandwich and we might have actually found it. We feasted on the Bad A$$ Breakfast sandwich at Eleven City Diner and it is AMAZING!




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You guys welcome back to number six with Cheese that's Corey I'm Sean today and Epic one 11 City Diner he's revisiting a Breakfast sandwich that he already had Family love Yeah my favorite breakfast Sandwich I've ever had in my life I got So out ordered last time I didn't get it So today I'm finally having it we're on A quest this year to find the best Breakfast sandwich in the city so this One is probably on that list uh so very Puncher here yeah guys and we're also Doing a merch shout out today for uh my BFF Zach O'Reilly there we go I don't Even know he's ever ordered a merch he Got a trucker hat and vintage sunglasses What a supportive dude yeah I've never Seen him wear them uh but he we he got Those in August of 2020 so just kind of Reminding you guys that uh we're trying Not to die we're currently at a busy Busy intersection in which when two People are trying to turn left you get About this close to each other my point Being for the August 2020 you guys can Skip the line if you do a hot sauce Subscription Um we haven't had anybody do one of Those in a while so we've gone through All those shots so if you want you can Get the subscription we'll mail you a Hot sauce every single month and it's uh I think 30. 25 off yeah 25 yeah so Pretty good deal so just a little info

For you guys yeah I ended abruptly let's Go to the soft Loop [Music] All right here they are two of the Badass breakfast sandwiches from 11 City Diner acquired Jump cut all right Sixers on the dash Corey Wagner second angle all right here We go And boom so it comes with potatoes what Do we got on here let me get this guy Out for you guys Look at that beauty all right so two Scrambled eggs you get your choice of uh Two different Meats we went with sausage And bacon you can also get ham or hash On here there's aged Wisconsin cheddar Sauce and jalapenos and then it comes With house potatoes it's gorgeous it's Beautiful I love the link cut I know Right that's the move makes it easy to Use it's gonna eat and it's aesthetic it Is it's those potatoes look nice and Crispy hey real quick on the big camera You already saw it on Corey's it's Exactly the same but there you go all Right 11 City Diner on our quest to find The best breakfast sandwich in the city Cheers Well the cheese sauce and the jalapenos Just bring something to the table you Can get sausage and bacon on other Things but I think that's what sets us Apart very like trying to think of how

To describe it it's crispy from the Bacon but it's also very like soft in a Very comforting way yeah it's very Fluffy maybe it's a great bun such a Good one for this I don't know but it's The most like low-key not in the way bun This makes sense too why you would love This sandwich Wow yeah it's juicy which I like it's Just so delicious I love that it comes Standard with jalapenos that's pretty Rare it's super rare okay now having Have this this is so much of like what You want out of a diner experience on One sandwich yeah those other really Good breakfast sandwiches they do Different things that are like not a Standard American Diner this is just Like think of every single great Diner Experience you had and kind of ball that Up into one one dish put it all on Steroids put it all on steroids now that I've had the other breakfast sandwiches I still think this is my favorite in the City this is so good dude it's Unbelievable I like it's once again so Good in such a different way than the Other two like my two leading ones right Now kasama loaf lounge and then now I'm Having this so like yeah they all kind Of fit a different puzzle piece or Something absolutely different different Odds or different sides different juts Different Corners I am so impressed with

This you are not kidding it's so Freaking good you guys gotta get that It's the most most expensive breakfast Sandwich I've ever seen though without Tax it's 18 with tax two of these was Like 43 bucks 43 bucks out the door so 20 and some change I mean you get a side With it which the other ones didn't do I Guess but still that's Insanity not that It needs it but six extra sauce and a Breakfast sandwich might be the best way You could use it I kind of like don't Even want to compare it to the other Breakfast sandwiches they're a little Bit different I like would love any of These on any day of the week and just Have a little bit of a different Experience some of the other ones are Like for example like kasamas like with The potatoes on it's crispier but like Man dude this is like in the Longines is A totally different experience totally Different experience this is almost like What Waffle House wishes it was Denny's Like Denny's when I was growing up I Used to think the moon's over my hammy Was like the greatest sandwich of all Time then I had it as an adult and I was Like oh no Yeah Kosama special is like a totally Different category because it's like um Non-american breakfast mixed with American breakfast Filipino modernized American and what was the other thing we

Had that last week we just did loaf Lounge which was more like a McMuffin From McDonald's which was great but also A little different all of these had Different bread yeah I don't know if one Was my favorite but if I had to pick one Gun to the head I think I'd pick this One as far bread goes it's buttery and Soft and doesn't get in the way like the English muffin from loaf Lounge was Really crispy and good but man like I Like a soft sandwich too I thought my Eggs falling out oh that's what momentum On a period right oh my eggs are falling Out this place has such a vast menu too Like so many different types of Sandwiches and I think they're a Jewish Deli because they have like matzo ball Soup brisket after 4 P.M Mile High Sandwiches like locks and they have the Most amazing neon outside so if you're Walking by this place you can't miss it So much neon yeah I don't know if we've Said this but we're down in the South Today right by uh Columbia like Literally basically next door to Columbia College yeah when I worked at Red eye Chicago newspaper we used to do A lot of man on the streets on this Strip because a lot of these kids were Like who we talked to because they were Very okay talking we'd love to talk to Like younger kids that were like in the City for college yep and a lot of a lot

Of very smart creative individuals of Colombia way better than I was at that Age so this sandwich has scrambled eggs Do you have a specific type of egg Preparation that you normally like like They're scrambled there's over easy There's over hard like what do you like On a breakfast sandwich I like uh over Medium because I want some yolk but I Don't want it to be too messy yeah I Like that answer I traditionally like Think scrambled is one of my least Favorite ways because I don't like just Big bites of like scrambled eggs yeah But this one for some reason works it's Really fluffy and good yeah and the Cheese Incorporated with it really well Too you know what else I like about this This might be the jalapenos is what I'm Gonna talk about and to quench some Fears of people like might be spicy it's Not a spicy version no it's for flavor There's basically no seeds which is Where the the spices at I I guess that Perhaps say something yep and they just Chop it finally yeah I like that rather Than the full slice where you get the Full circumference and like it was Easier to eat it doesn't like slide out I don't know also provides texture a Little crunch flavor jalapeno drinks Phenomenal they're fresh not pickled Thank God yep yeah I went into this not Thinking I was gonna eat the whole thing

Because we eat a bunch of stuff Throughout the day but how are you gonna This won't save I think breakfast Sandwiches you got to get after it you Have to oh my God it's so good real Quick I was going to tell you guys about A vlog and it's funny that this video Zachos the shout out today the Vlog I Was going to tell you guys about that I Just had come out like a week ago hey I Went to the Chicago Auto Show which has Nothing to do with zacho but it was Really cool and I told a cool story About my grandpa and his jacket how he Used to be in a racing gang and then Also zacko headlined uh zanies and Rosemont and I went and did that and Then went to this bar called Cody's and We were all hanging out and it's like my Favorite Vlog I've made in a long time Because it's like just me and all my Friends hanging out with a second I just Love I love capturing the friends Hanging out moment it's my favorite Picking the right tunes that go with it Next they added a blast it was awesome Baltimore was that damn dude like that Was a gift that just kept giving that That sandwich got better with time how Have you felt about this creepy girl Staring at us this whole time in the Graffiti wall I don't love it like it's It's like it's kind of cool because Somebody had to have hopped up so

They're gonna Crush those birds in her Hand oh those are birds man my is that What is that thing standing next to like A pregnant alien it's an alien of some Sort some sort of freakish Beast you Guys are gonna have to come here to see What we're talking about look North all Right before we go ahead and rate that Out of five uh one last little synopsis Go for it uh yeah it's been solidified I've now tried some of the other best Breakfast sandwiches that is my favorite Breakfast sandwich in the city it's Unbelievable there's something about That vehicle Brad that does a really Good job and then additionally there was Like it's it sounds gross describing it Like as like moisture with the cheese or Like sauciness with the cheese I like my Breakfast sandwiches they have a little Bit of like sauciness to them but also Some crisp from the bacon another Sausage was great in the jalapenos it Was all just amazing that's I it's way Too expensive I will say that I will say I can't afford to get that on my own Dime but man if I start making some Money I'm going there that's unfreaking Believable everything Corey said about That was backed up with me eating it I'll just say that like we like we Talked about my that is now on my top Three favorite breakfast sandwiches in The city and it's really not close like

The drop off because I'll get breakfast Sandwiches though that one is on the List for sure I would love to have all Three side by side by side piping hot That would probably be a wet dream for Me but um honestly I don't see much Wrong with that other than the price Yeah yeah Monster back bumped that from having my Friend thank you That's another easy one for me [Music] I like what I don't have to think it's a Nice feeling I don't know what that's Like I have to try so hard all the time All right cut it off cut it off all Right on the count of three is it Perfect we'll find out one two three Look for that price yeah dude it Honestly it doesn't even matter like you Said I would only get that so often yeah But man if you're down here it's So expensive all right guys don't forget To like the video subscribe to the Channel and then so we can hang out down In the comment section what is your Favorite form of breakfast potato oh Okay I'm interested to hear it we're Gonna put ours down there too and uh Yeah stick around for tomorrow's video Huh yeah man come on sticker stick Around stay on the computer 24 hours do Not close the app don't move thanks for Being here we love you guys so much

We'll see you tomorrow have a great rest Of the day be good to each other goodbye [Music]