Chicago’s BEST Chicken Sandwich! | Big Jones | Andersonville

Today we’re headed to Big Jones in Andersonville to try their AMAZING Chicken Sandwich! Watch the video to see if it’s worth the high price tag.




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Hey what's up guys we're here to do Another hot sauce giveaway for you guys If you're not familiar we've been doing These a lot all you have to do is make Sure you like the video subscribe to the Channel take a little screenshot and Just DM it over to our Instagram account And then you'll be in the running for Next week's hot sauce giveaway this Right here this is our uh our current List of folks who have put in for the Hot sauce giveaway I'm gonna pick one Real quick we're just gonna give it a Random scroll boom who is that this is Hair a guess is his name oh it's Followed by ABV Chicago so you have that Beer yeah a lot of beer content Um all right cool well here I guess good Name good name I'm gonna send you a Little DM real quick make sure you send Us your uh your address so we can send You the hot sauce Let's uh let's go Let's go grab the food let's do it [Music] [Music] You guys welcome back to number six with Cheese today on the show big Jones for Some fried chicken sandwiches and guess What it says they use chicken thighs so I'm already very excited because I like Thighs over brass pumped you were here Yeah guys we're also doing a merch shout Out for Mr Jeff Webb he signed up for The hot sauce subscription for a hotter

Sister sauce which means we're mailing Them a bottle hotter sticker sauce to His doorstop every single month and uh Jeff just want to say thank you you have No idea how much that helps the channel And I hope you're enjoying your monthly Hotter sister sauce along with that Discount you're saving 25 every month And if anybody's interested to go to uh Number six with to snag it up I've been there The website [Music] [Music] All right guys a big old brown bag big Jones on number six with cheese here Today acquired jump cut let's check it Out see what it's all about Corey Wagner's second angle so we've got a big Old giant this is leg and thigh for the Chicken buttery bun Cayenne mayonnaise Gotham greens butter lettuce and Chow Chow which I'm not sure what that is I'm Assuming these Peppers it's a really Good looking breaded piece of chicken And you said die and leg huh interesting Interesting interesting and then real Quick on the big camera because we got It look at that big old flexing double Piece of chicken apparently with two Different types of the bird looking very Wild this is one of the biggest chicken Sandwiches I think we've had the only Other one that I can really think of is

That bites Place Asian bites yeah that Was actually two chickens that was two Different chicken breasts I think for All right big Jones fried chicken Sandwich with the fries 17 bucks for tax Cheers [Music] Wow I got just a little bit of that chow Chow that's good I'm a big fan of bite One look at this I haven't even touched Bun yet yeah I got this big old chunk Right here that is totally free free Game it's like a appetizer you got so Salty in a good way not too much yet oh My god really digging you don't see a Lot of like the butter lettuce used on Fried chicken sandwiches very often oh Costco is good right wow are they like On their website I feel like they um They really show that they're big in a Southern Fried yeah Cuisine and this Feels like it absolutely very unique Different kind of fried chicken sandwich Than we've had almost a complete Opposite to me than like a national hot Like they're two different things it's Time relief but that menu they had Catfish fillet sandwiches they had Almost like a po boy style thing I was a Tough decision Which sandwich I wanted I Almost went a little more like out of my Comfort zone but I'm glad I did this Because this is so different this might Be my favorite chicken sandwich in the

City it shot up to the top of my list Worn by them I really like the bun it's Super soft not getting in the way so Thin but keeping it together I cannot Get over how light this is yeah for how Big it looks yeah and it's I mean it's Fried batter on it too like wow this is Truly one of the more unique ones we've Done like top to bottom very juicy all Right the meat's got moisture in it wow So you're like a badass genius scientist I'm also I've been saying I'm not a big Nashville guy and that seems to be what Chicago is taking like a liking to yeah I mean I like more of the southern style Just like fried skin throw some herbs in There absolutely I mean your classic Like KFC style I guess but like let's do It big instead of change I've had their Bone-in chicken that's it I've never had Their sandwich I've never had anything Else on that menu only the chicken Obviously fantastic the sandwich somehow Individualizes itself from the just Fried chicken so well like it really Does seem like they do that too I know I'm like I'm really Blown Away god let's Find me it was so tender this is Impressive how they get those bones out Of there Pricey though 17 bucks yep pretty pretty Big but it feels like a more treat Yourself chicken sandwich oh absolutely This is when you want top notch yeah and

You don't mind paying for it my place is Gorgeous in there too it is it's really Cute it seems like a spot you'd go and Have kind of like an upscale lunch or Dinner I think if you had a parent in Town you really want to impress them you Lived over this way because Andersonville's got some amazing spots I Really think this is one of the more Underrated neighborhoods for food like People talk about it that know it but I Feel like you don't hear it come up in Conversation like you do the West Loop And I get that agreed I really do think Everything we've done from Andersonville Also a great set of bars here I mean hop Leaf is one of my favorite bars in the History of time but I really love it up Here no I think you're spot on with that Too like and you kind of cover your Bases like you're not saying it's Unknown no like people obviously know About it it's just not talked about but It just there needs to be a little bit More conversation about this place I Agree more than that neighborhood I Should say I'm happy to tout that for Them and be a champion of this place Because I think it's a great Neighborhood this is This is really good yeah I'm super Impressed so much stuff in this city Blends together I mean there's like a Lot of really good places but a lot of

People do it the same this one is a Standout oh I got a couple more bites But before we do that should we do a Couple of donation shout outs let's do It okay quick couple donation shout outs And thanks to these are people who sent Us either venmos or paypals we got our PayPal linked on our YouTube channel on Our venmo is just at number six with Cheese if you want to help the channel And donate a little bit we got some Donations recently from Jessie musk Donated a hundred dollars to US which is Incredible Courtney Basinger tossed us 25 bucks gotta love it the guy's an Absolute G he's done so much for us I Can't even put it into words and then Jeff Schwartz threw us 25 bucks yeah he Sure did between the three of those Folks man we just gotta say we love you Guys and appreciate the help you guys Know that this channel takes a lot to Kind of keep it moving and grooving We're putting out videos five days a Week and this food all costs money if You want to help support the channel Help a couple Chicago kids who are Trying to make a living doing the stuff For you guys just check out our venmo or Our PayPal and um yeah if you want to Throw some cash cool if not we totally Get it uh but we appreciate it when it Comes to him I know Jesse's was just Happy holidays I know right oh my God we

Don't deserve you I saved this by I Think this bite's gonna be really nice Get some good crispiness and then a lot Of chicken there oh my God I can't wait To sing this from the rooftops for People yeah this is one I haven't heard Of I like did research today this Morning I found this wow what a fun like Just sandwich to eat honestly french Fries are good too yeah literally I Don't think really I'm trying to find a Place to put points off other than the Price yeah but then you're kind of like Yeah it's more Gourmet I mean you didn't Even eat six or sauce dude didn't even Think about it it would have improved it For sure but I didn't even think about It until this moment that's how good That was yeah right all right we've got The whiteboards out we're gonna score it Out of five on our scale for chicken Sandwiches in Chicago before we do let's Break it down a little bit and then We'll roll into the score Corey up first Uh you weren't kidding when you said That was like one of the more unique Chicken sandwiches that we've had in the City which is a City full of unique Chicken sandwiches I got my God yeah That is one of my favorites though in Terms of like just being a real like Down the middle kind of standard Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich that is Just like filled with steroids it's like

Taking that that that concept and seeing What happens when you make it with the Best of all the ingredients yeah that's What it felt like to me it seemed like Every piece of that puzzle they went out Of their way to say what's the best of This thing that I can get and let's see What happens when we turn that into a Sandwich to the point of they hand Debone the thigh and whatever the other Meat was that I said they hold deboned The the leg and the thigh to make it Into a little chicken patty that they Can keep they keep the skin on there Somehow I don't even know how they do That magic but it kind of just shows out The result where it just ends up tasting Really good really juicy chicken really Flavorful really crispy breading on There the fact that they're keeping the Skin on gives it that extra little like Crisp I feel like in the extra flavor Um yeah all in all that's just like Really well done I'm super impressed by That I Echo everything that you said the Other thing that I'll also say is Traditionally when I see a sandwich that High although it looks fun in a picture And it looks like a lot of food it's Really hard to eat that one somehow was Not yeah it like kind of squished down In a way that was like appealing and Tasty and good and easy and manageable So don't let the height of that freak

You out for snake jaw yeah like you'll Find a way to unhinge and you'll get There and I gotta give him props for That I want to say two drawbacks yeah uh One the price I forgot to mention that 17 bucks is a little rough for people Like me uh and two um I do think if I Was gonna like say like one thing that I Think they could make better I do think That there's room on there for some sort Of like Secret Sauce yeah that could Really take that over the edge I know There was a sauce on there which I think Was just mayonnaise which mayonnaise Yeah I'm a mayonnaise fan not here to about it but at one point I Remember biting into it was like it is Super greasy so I think there was like a Little too much grease to I think the Sauce can balance out that grease ratio For me right so I just wanted to point Those things out no it's good to know Alex you're back play that track foreign [Music] I Should say Oops damn it when I moved my finger yeah Okay to my score I'm gonna look at yours Yeah well don't and I hit my head on the Top of that Did you see it you're a hoe I do like to hoe out my body but no one Wants it all right I'm Alex thank you so Much for playing that by the way that's

Nice of you from Heaven all right on the Count of three flip around your score And let these people know one two three Ah oh there it goes right there right There we're not near perfect damn you're Perfect uh the price it was a couple Bucks cheaper like you said if I had a Little more sauce in this yep all right Guys don't forget to like this video Subscribe to the channel new videos Every single weekday today what is your Favorite Southern cuisine food what is It there's a lot of fun stuff there's a Lot of good stuff I lived in Jacksonville the hardest now oh okay uh What's your favorite Southern Cuisine We'll talk about that in the comments Here today and we'll see you very soon For a brand new video thanks for rocking With us have a great rest of your day Fried chicken sandwiches forever That didn't work