Cheesemakers compete at U.S. Championship Cheese Contest

, . (WBAY) – Cheesemakers from across the country are in to compete in the 2023 Cheese Contest.

In total, there were 2,249 entries across 113 classes of cheesemakers from 35 states. The most entries coming from Wisconsin.

From 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. February 21 and 22 at the Resch Expo, anyone can come out and sample some of the contests while watching expert cheese judges examine and judge each cheese. On Thursday, February 23, a winner will be announced.

“Well I love cheese and all my friends know I love cheese,” said Czmowski I have 185 cheese jokes and they’re all Gouda ones. Some are cheddar than others.”

Czmowski has been around cheese for nearly 50 years. He said the 42 judges at this competition are evaluating each cheese closely from a perspective of appearance, body, texture, and flavor. Two judges evaluate each cheese sample and score it separately. The average of the two scores is the cheese’s official score.

Czmowski said there are 113 classes consisting of cheese, whey, yogurt and butter. A best of class will be picked and the top 20 will be judged on Thursday February 23 to determine the winner. He said he looks for the natural flavors from the various kinds of milk being used to make the cheese. Each type of cheese has a particular flavor and that’s what he looks for.

“It starts with the most basic on Earth…milk,” Czmowski said. “It was intended to bring us, to nourish us from a child, infant into adult hood. We get to fractionate that into very over thousands of different products that people consume morning noon and night so to be the best at doing that is really something to be proud of and the people who have entered this contest they put their best foot forward.”

works at Pine River Cheese in , Wisconsin. It was founded by her father-in-law 60 years ago. Like Czmowski, Lindemann said the best cheese…


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