Cheese curd sign in Oregon vs Wisconsin game has social media talking

Wisconsin basketball fans should have had a plate of curds waiting for them after the Badgers came back to defeat the Oregon Ducks, 61-58, and knock them out of the NIT Tuesday night.

And Greg Gard most definitely should have brought a plate in for his team to celebrate.

Sure, it might have been a little late for a platter, but there is never a bad time for curds, and they’re certainly not overrated.

Well, we in Wisconsin don’t think so. But the kind folks in Oregon — or at least one student — has that opinion. However, it didn’t take long for the ESPN broadcast to call out this blasphemy not only for his statement but the fact that he had proudly held up a sign that had a glaring typo in it.

curds are overated” it said. Wrong on two fronts.

It was the latest shot at us Wisconsinites after seeing a beloved cheesehead go up in flames by a during a “sacrificial burning ceremony” two weeks ago. Now the is calling cheese curds overrated. What’s with all the cheese hate lately? What’s next? The South taking aim at a Brandy Old Fashioned or the Southeast saying they’ve never had a Friday fish fry?

Anyway, the cheese curd bashing had the announcers’ attention toward the end of the first half and ESPN wasn’t about to let the student off the hook during the halftime show. The game discussion could wait.

“I’m deeply troubled by a spelling mistake but just the overall statement by this young man, this Oregon fan. This guy right here says cheese curds are overrated,” said Cornette, a Notre Dame graduate and native, who used the teleprompter when describing the fan’s mistakes as if he was breaking down a play. “For one, they are not overrated. True threat to society to even believe such a thing, but he misspelled overrated. It has two r’s. What are we even doing, here? There’s your little English tutorial. What are we doing, man? Cheese curds. I love ’em.”

The internet loved…


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