Chaos Cooking Trend Taking Over Local Restaurants and TGI Fridays

  • Fusion cooking has been around for years in restaurants.
  • But now restaurants and TikTok are elevating food mashups to a level dubbed chaos cooking.
  • Ambitious culinary concoctions range from Big Mac pizzas to curry-fajitas sold at TGI Fridays. 

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In the pre-Internet days, fusion cooking was a mashup of classic international cuisines. It was a thoughtful blend of epicurean cultures. 

Today the cooking trend has been elevated for the sensational-seeking masses. Indie restaurants and chains are unleashing ambitious and improbable culinary concoctions, from Big Mac pizzas at a Washington DC restaurant to curry fajitas at TGI Fridays. Restaurant blog Eater defined chaos cooking as “part neo-fusion, part middle finger” and “a new, brash food style” that is changing the face of restaurants. 

A Japanese-Mexican fusion restaurant by Alex Watanabe and Marcelo Baez, set to open this month in Lower Manhattan, is reportedly selling birria ramen, al pastor sushi rolls, sashimi tostadas, and shrimp teriyaki tacos.  Nacheaux, a restaurant in Portland, is serving Mexican and Southern fusion dishes like nachos topped with Cajun beef, red beans and dirty rice. Pijja…


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