Best digital photo frame deal: Get up to $80 off Aura digital frames

Store and display your most treasured photos for life with Black Friday deals on Aura digital photo frames.

A can be a great way to immortalize your best memories and share them with your loved ones. Aura gives users a way to share innumerable photos and videos with friends and family along with adequate privacy controls. And on Nov. 25 there’s great Black Friday deals on some of Aura’s best products.

Our Top Pick

Why we like it

The Aura Mason Luxe 2K is the highest-priced product on this list, but if you’re willing to shell out a few extra bucks, you can take home the best color-calibrated frame in the series along with 2K resolution. Offered in interesting pebble and sandstone shades, the Mason Luxe also has an adjustable fabric power cord that can stretch up to 6.5 inches. It combines some of the best features from other Aura frames, such as the interactive touch bar presence to switch between photos and , as well as an option to instantly add photos from the Aura app.

Biggest Discount Offer

Why we like it

The Aura Mason may be priced a little higher than the Carver, but it also offers a better resolution of 224 ppi. While the frame is a little smaller at 9 inches, turning it can allow you to seamlessly switch between viewing your photos in portrait or landscape mode. Similar to the Carver, it offers audio support for your favorite videos with built-in support, and it can also adjust photo brightness thanks to light-dimming smart tech.

Best Budget Pick

Why we like it

The Aura Carver has a 10.1-inch display with a decent 150ppi resolution. The 89-degree viewing angle prevents any distortions while viewing the images. The product is easy to set up on your WiFi, and the built-in smart features automatically crop and maintain your photos so that they look their best. Additionally, the frame shuts itself off at night, so you can avoid any unnecessary power drainage.

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