Beer nuts, grilled cheese and other bar snacks inspire the flavors of chef Phillip Ashley’s Miller High Life truffles

Miller High Life and chocolatier/ have teamed up to release limited-edition “Miller High Life Bar Snack Truffles.” The six-pack of chocolate confections, each infused with High Life, will be released on May 2, 2023.

Beer nuts, , grilled cheese and lemon pepper chicken wings aren’t just bar snacks anymore. They’re also the flavors of … chocolate truffles?

Bar eats, including these, inspired the new, limited-edition “Miller High Life Bar Snack Truffles,” which drop May 2 aka National Truffle Day. The additional “ chocolates” in the collection are “Pretzel Praline” and “Sweet Potato Fry.”

The six-pack of chocolate confections, each infused with High Life, “toast to iconic flavors and memories made in bars everywhere,” the product’s webpage said.

The truffles were designed and crafted by renowned chocolatier/ . Rix, dubbed a real-life , has an international following of celebrity clients and top corporations, according to a report.

Here’s what to know, from a description of each truffle to more on their maker.

A description of the truffles, from ‘Beernut’ to ‘

The “Grilled Cheese” truffle, featuring triple cream cheese white chocolate ganache in a blond chocolate shell, is “a toasted toast to the everyday celebrations like a perfect cheese pull enjoyed on a bar stool,” its description said. And apparently, it’s Rix’s favorite to pair with a High Life.

The “Lemon Pepper Chicken Wing” truffle is made with fried chicken ganache that’s infused with lemon pepper seasoning.

The “Pretzel Praline” truffle combines salted pretzel and roasted pecans with handcrafted caramel and blonde chocolate.

The “Beernut” truffle features roasted peanuts that are soaked in High Life, then ground into beernut butter and enrobed in a milk chocolate shell.

The truffle is made with white chocolate ganache that’s infused with movie theater-style popcorn.

The “Sweet Potato Fry”


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