Avebe presents dairy-free Parmesan cheese from potato starch and protein

Meleknur Tüzün, business development manager for plant-based dairy and cheese at Avebe.

07 Dec 2022 — Avebe is showcasing a clean label, plant-based alternative to Parmesan cheese based on potato ingredients at the ongoing Food Ingredients Europe (FIE) trade show in Paris, France (Dec 6-8). 

With more than a century of experience in potato product development, the Dutch starch manufacturer continues to focus its expertise on the burgeoning dairy-alternative cheese market with this latest innovation.

“We launched a new concept for firm cheese just like Parmesan this year that we call ‘plant-based Parmesan alternative,’” Meleknur Tüzün, business development manager for plant-based dairy and cheese at Avebe, tells NutritionInsight from the show floor.

“This product can be made firm and extra firm. The powder pieces do not stick to each other and are very dry, so you can just sprinkle them on your meal. It is very easy to eat, just like a normal Parmesan experience.”

The demand for dairy-free
According to Innova Market Insights, the demand for plant-based foods continues to grow. Within this mega-trend, consumers are increasingly interested in plant-based dairy products that do not compromise on taste, texture and nutritional value.

The global market researcher found that 1 in 5 European consumers would like to see more plant-based cheese in supermarkets and stores. Meanwhile, 1 in 3 European consumers would like for plant-based cheese alternatives to mimic the taste and texture of conventional cheeses.Avebe is offering samples of its potato-based cheeses at FIE 2022 (Hall 4, Booth 4.B.51).

Avebe – which originated from a group of Dutch farmers in 1919 – has also observed that the demand for variety in plant-based cheese products is rising….


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