5 Legit Reasons Cottage Cheese is Having a Moment, According to Dietitians

We’re still on the fence about that mustard and cottage cheese combo. 🤷‍♀️ But we’re fully part of the cottage cheese fan club. Here’s why.

In a comeback more stratospheric than Jennifer Coolidge (White Lotus fans, IYKYK) and bike shorts as a fashion statement, cottage cheese is back, baby.

No longer just that lumpy, watery ricotta substitute in mom’s lasagna or the sad diet du jour that it was in the ‘90s, cottage cheese is like the new cauliflower. Believe it can be it, and it becomes so. Cottage cheese now stars in everything from ice cream and edible cookie dough to queso and creamy pasta sauce—and the internet can’t get enough. (ICYMI, here’s what happened when one Shape staffer tested TikTok cottage cheese for 2 weeks.)

But its virality is just one of five reasons why we—and dietitians—can’t get enough. In decades past, cottage cheese has been overlooked or thought of as a bland diet . DO call it a comeback. In the past 12 months, it has emerged as a mainstay on menus for folks around the globe.

“All good-for-you foods deserve their moment in the sun. Cottage cheese has been loved and appreciated for decades by those in the know; mostly health-conscious women,” says Frances Largeman-Roth, RDN, a New York–based dietitian and author of the upcoming book Everyday Snack Tray. In fact, back in 2020, we declared it one of the 7 healthiest cheeses on the planet. “I think it’s awesome that a that was known as a ‘granny’ is now ultra-cool to the point where it’s sold out at some stores.”

5 Legit Reasons Cottage Cheese is Having a Moment, According to Dietitians

It’s A Nutritional Powerhouse

Cottage cheese is a winner in so many departments nutrition-wise, explains Largeman-Roth.

“Cottage cheese is a convenient, high-protein and relatively low-calorie food that is rich in several micronutrients, including riboflavin, selenium, phosphorus, and calcium,” adds Claire Shorenstein, MS RD CSSD CDN, a…


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