5 cheese dishes so delicious you wouldn’t expect to find them at Disney World

Mention “” and “ World” in the same sentence, and most people conjure up images of greasy turkey legs and insipid, mouse-eared ice cream treats. For years, the Most Magical Place on Earth had a well-earned reputation for little more than junk . The past 20 years have seen a vast improvement in dining options. Yes, flavorless ice cream ears are still around, but now it’s possible to find a proper Reuben sandwich, superb nigiri made from seafood flown in from twice-weekly, or an opulent, award-winning, tasting experience set to harp music. For cheese lovers, vacationing in doesn’t mean a vacation from enjoying great cheese. If anything, this culinary renaissance means more scrumptious options than ever before.

Here are 5 cheese dishes worth seeking out in Walt World.

Saganaki On Fire

Wine Bar George, Springs

Saganaki on Fire

If hot, bubbling cheese sounds good, visit Wine Bar George in Disney Springs. Created by Master Sommelier , Wine Bar George is an award-winning bar and restaurant offering a wine list featuring more than 200 global offerings priced from under $10 to over $1000.

Tucked into the thoughtful lunch and dinner menus is Saganaki On Fire, their take on the classic Greek appetizer. (Despite sounding vaguely Asian, a sagani is the Greek word for a small, two- handled frying pan.) A thick slab of Vlahotiri cheese is splashed with Metaxa, an amber-colored Greek spirit, then lit on fire. It arrives at your table ablaze, exuding irresistible aromas of toasting cheese and warm booze.

A few moments later, the server extinguishes the flame with a spritz of fresh lemon juice, and the saganaki is ready. The accompanying crostini are crunchy and dense, providing the perfect textural counterpoint to the soft, oozing cheese. Sip on a glass of Greek Assyrtiko or Malagousia wine for a pairing Dionysus himself would approve.

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