11 Things To Know About Beer Cheese

Two companies, Hall’s and Howard Creak, claim to make beer cheese using the original recipe. In the first corner, we have Howard’s Creek, which makes the claim on its official website, on a page titled “The History of Beer Cheese.” In the second corner, we have Hall’s, which makes the same claim on the “Our Story” page of its website.

What isn’t in dispute is the fact that Kentucky chef Joe Allman developed beer cheese for his brother Johnny Allman’s restaurants. Howard’s Creek comes out swinging by claiming that a restaurant across the road from Johnny Allman’s restaurant called Hall’s on the River had developed its own version of beer cheese. This recipe was sold to a company in Louisville, Kentucky. However, that company started making Hall’s beer cheese using a different recipe. According to Howard’s Creek, it was able to secure the original recipe and it’s used to make its version of the dip.

Hall’s comes back with a flurry of punches rarely seen. The company claims that Johnny Allman lost both his restaurant and the recipe for beer cheese and a card game to a man named Carl Johnson. After Johnson passed away, George and Gertrude Hall acquired both the restaurant and the recipes. The Hall’s website neglects to directly mention if that recipe has been or is used to make its beer cheese.


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