YOU can get paid $1,000 to eat cheese before bed in the comfort of your own home

How YOU can get paid $1,000 to eat before bed — as part of new study into nightmares

  • Five testers will be given a list of cheeses to try over three months
  • They will have to log dreams and nightmares, sleep quality and
  • Cheeses to be tried include blue, hard, soft-ripened plus dairy- and lactose-free

Would you like to get paid to eat and sleep in your own bed in the name of science? You’re in luck.

Researchers are offering Americans $1,000 to participate in a three-month study to test whether there is any truth to an old wives’ tale.

The Sleep Junkie is keen to know if different cheeses can cause nightmares if eaten directly before bed.

Five chosen ‘cheese testers’ will be given a list of cheeses to eat from home and told to log their dreams and nightmares, sleep quality, and .

Sleep Junkie said it is looking for people who are ‘self-starters, honest, with good writing skills and enjoy both sleeping and eating’ to take part in its experiment

They will each be paid $1,000 and have the cost of the cheeses reimbursed.

Applicants must be at least 21 years old, and own a smartwatch or fitness tracker that monitors sleep.

They must also have a consistent sleep schedule, not suffer from any sleep issues and not have diary or lactose intolerances.

Blue, hard, soft-ripened and processed cheese will be included on the list, as well as vegan and lactose-free cheese.

The lucky five will have to eat each type of cheese at the same time every night before bed for a week, with a week’s break between each cheese to ensure accurate results.

Participants will also have to provide the sleep quality data captured through their smartwatch and a written evaluation of their sleep quality, during the week and any feedback on dreams and nightmares.

The experiment will…


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