We each ordered Bonchon’s 10-Piece Spicy Boneless Wings

Today we’re at #Bonchon and we ordered #BonelessWings for $10 each. These have the spicy sauce, too. Do you like these? Ever eaten ’em? Let us know!

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[Music] You guys welcome back to today a spot that's kind of like Popping up all over the place we keep Seeing people reviewing it enjoying it Like asking if they're gonna get one in Their City BonChon we've done it in a Live video like a Year ago but this will be the first time In a pre-recorded in the car review of Their spicy boneless chicken pumped your Hair also doing a merch out today for Mr Sean stoles he bought himself trucker Hat hamburger logo shirt and then also Got himself two bottle openers which is A gentleman's move that type of sport Goes a long way and you guys end up Having some really cool stuff to go home With so if you want to check that out Just go to .com we Always got some fun merch on there so Does Sean spell it the right way or the Wrong way the wrongest way s h a W-e-n whoa the longest way I've ever Focused away wow good for you but I do Love you for buying the merch baby let's Do a review [Music] Thank you so much have a good one [Music] 2-0-20 boneless wings from BonChon in This bag acquired jump cut did you just Get hot I got the same as you okay cool I'm gonna try to pump myself up and not

Be so tight well no I'm too big no I'm Too uh Kind of want to be misleading I'm Clearly shorter I thought that place was Gonna be it would look like a restaurant I thought it was gonna be more of like Fast yeah just yeah like a Wing Stop maybe yeah felt more like a Restaurant that's cool let's learn more Together all right Cory Wagner second Angle all right let's show you what They're looking like and there we go That's the BonChon boneless wings Um kind of look like Wingstop wings Honestly yeah kind of known for their Shatter so we'll see if they got a Little bit more crunch but we'll see We'll see smells good smells delicious Okay so from 11 to 3 they have a lunch Special so traditionally you have to get 12 wings and they're 15 bucks we got 10 For 10 bucks they barely gave us a deal Yeah all right well it comes with a side Too though we just didn't get it oh yeah Because our sides are dumb as hell I Didn't want kimchi kimchi you want fries Pay an extra not a free side and also Don't want rice with this I'll take Fried rice yeah not white steamed white Rice suck it all right BonChon cheers Definitely different breading than Traditional like Wingstop Korean fried chicken supposed to be Korean

Good to get to it they're good not as Different of breading as I expected me Either one word that I remember I Thought I remembered BonChon being way Better when we got at that live I Thought the writing was way different I Thought it was tempura Yeah who maybe the what the hell's going On here I can't remember Got the buzzer I can't remember if we Did some bone in some boneless and the Bone-in was a little different I can't Remember That is spicy though man after that one That's a good heat to that very big kick Like I'll give him points for that Because traditionally these places Aren't really they only have two sauces Soy garlic and spicy that's also kind of Surprising to me yeah me too also the This has got heat not my favorite flavor Of wing sauce it's almost like a little Metallicy to me yeah Also didn't come with the only option For a dipping cup of sauce was ketchup That's dumb that's so dumb and that's on Like their app they got in their thing It's not like I use GrubHub or something Now I'm kind of like let down by this I Remember on our live feed like really Loving it everybody in the room liked Him too it's like Patrick was there AJ Was there everybody was digging him I'm Googling uh BonChon I'm gonna do some

Google Images looks pretty normal I Don't know where I got in my head it was Like tempura maybe it's their bone in Does that look the same too it looks the Same to be honest hmm I remember the shatter on the bone-in Whenever I see people eating them and I See like commercials and stuff it's so Much more that's a big part of it that's How like loud it is yeah yeah this like This to me looks like that a little more Tempura than this this guy has like the The specific picture but I also saw Pictures that looked just like this see Yeah yeah well overall I mean For the Boneless not really worth it to Me no that price okay dollar Wing is it What's the price that Wingstop is about That too probably I think everything now Like if you get a dollar Wing that's Good all right here we go here's the Last time you and I ordered Wingstop 30 Wings 32 11. yeah buckling so that is About like the price we're used to Really I feel like if they have better Sauce might be more likely to be stoked About it but if you're gonna have bad Sauce we're not well actually I really Think this is kind of bad sauce the Flavor is not really kicking after a few Of them and I had it I like it less and Less I love the heat ninja was hot but Also I don't give as many like points up For a spicy wing sauce because B-Dubs

Have spice Wingstop and spice compared To McDonald's but yeah that's not a Comparison when you're preparing to Other chicken joints other places have Bad tasting you know blazins out there So my thought is also if you're getting These and you don't like soy garlic or This like you just have to eat them Plain yeah you're just screwed you can't Get another sauce that part sauce that's So weird to me Yeah I don't drink it's like my fourth One I really don't like the sauce I just Like want to eat more but not because I Like it because it's lunch I want Yeah gotta eat your lunch yeah I'm uh Look at this one That's gonna be crunchy The small ones are always the best Fun times the show just proves to be the Answer you needed of whether or not You're gonna get these look at that hair Whoa Look like a bee's nest it's so much Dreadlock that he built it into a Basically a hat yeah that's a hair hat He's got a dreadlock hair hat and it's Awesome Wow I'm sad you do no Oh look at this baby hanging its old Deadhead And maybe he's so limp support your Baby's neck lady she's too busy jamming

Out the tuvalu or something Done what are you gonna do what are you Gonna do man we can't help these parents Their lost causes I'm tapping out I'm Sweating but I'm not enjoying yeah I'm Not enjoying it Probably every girl that's ever had sex With me Yeah and I mean a big part of it you Mentioned this is the sauce dude No no options no options it's like Growing up in one of those tiny towns Where there's just like You know one toothless chicken one fat Hoe and you gotta you have someone That's the choices you got yeah if not We can end up alone you might not like It you know yeah but you're gonna you're Hungry Yeah I see myself like kind of touching Them like want to eat another one but Knowing why I'm not even enjoying it I Can't believe I'm saying this this feels Like when we used to do Like stupidly hot like butt chugger Sauces where it was so hot and bad and I'd be sitting there going all I taste Is spice and sadness yeah no happiness I Can't believe we just got like a revered Korean chain and I'm feeling that way That makes me feel really weird it's a Damn shame it's like when you're Creating a player on a sport a sports Video game yeah like NBA live and you

Only got so many attribute points they Went all heat no flavor you know what I Mean they went all speed no jump shot Yep well I do feel like we did a great Job at least breaking it down We broke it down we educated the people That's that's our job a little bit of Entertainment yeah maybe maybe those Analogies got you a laugh or two All right before we go ahead and rate This on the white boards let's break it Down Cory goes first on this show Corey Go ahead and go first Um you know the price was okay yeah the Flavor was piss poor the crunch was not Good enough And uh the expectations were not met and That's my thoughts on the BonChon Boneless chicken experience yeah I I Don't think that's something you need to Uh push people over to go get if you're Hungry and there's one near you and You're waiting for your like wife or Something to be done shopping you're Like I gotta eat without her for some Reason maybe grab some matcha But yeah the sauce man it's such a Bummer it was too hot for like the Flavor like the flavor didn't come Through to justify that heat no I'm overall disappointed all right we Got the boards we're gonna rate it out Of five going down to whatever whatever Decimal point we see necessary Alex

Trebek bump that track All right let's see what we get here Let's try that Here's a sheet he was gonna find out in Literally 10 seconds but he can't wait He's got a cheap All right I've done what I've done I have a Feeling yours might be just one number Okay correct okay good is it no number Incorrect okay cool all right on the Count of three flip around your score One two three Yeah I went real low below average one Five I'm really disappointed I'm really I'm it's all decent Disappointed they're still edible I Think it's because my expectations were Much higher I think that heard it who Knows maybe we just had a bad experience Because we had a really good one at one Point yeah we went here thinking I mean That we had liked it before I wanna know What we ordered foreign what happened What happened people what happened guys Don't forget to like this video Subscribe to the channel it helps a lot Here at number six with cheese new Episodes five days a week sometimes more Sometimes you never know uh this week to Comment today specifically what is the Worst sauce on wings maybe it's a Specific sauce that you've had one time At a specific place maybe you just

Outright hate a certain genre of sauces When they put them on on wings let us Know what's your least favorite we'll Chat about that today and we'll see you Again soon for another video thanks for Letting us be honest with you guys Sometimes that's what it takes you know Goodbye enjoy yourselves [Music] [Applause] [Music]