Uncharted’s Gordon Ramsay hits back at trolls on TikTok over his grilled cheese

Gordon Ramsay has hit back at the trolls who criticised his ‘ultimate grilled cheese’ by making a new one with a high-octane twist.

Comments left by fans in response to the August 2020 episode are not very kind to say the least.

Fans ridiculed Ramsay’s grilled cheese sandwich back in 2020. Credit: Gordon Ramsay/YouTube

“For years, he called people an idiot sandwich. Now he actually showed the world one,” a fan wrote.

“My man really managed to cook a medium rare grilled cheese,” someone else quipped.

While another joked: “I realised I have been doing grilled cheese sandwiches wrong for all these years. Every time i do it the cheese melts.”

And Ramsay didn’t waste any time addressing the cheesy controversy in his new video, for which he went to a race track to film himself making the new and improved version of the classic snack.

“Last time I made a grilled cheese, you guys absolutely pummelled me,” he told viewers at the start of the video.

“So I’d like to redeem myself and give you a grilled cheese like no other.”

While the ingredients for the Kitchen Nightmares star’s new grilled cheese sandwich were all pretty standard, it was the oven that added the special touch.

Gordon Ramsay was pretty happy with the result. Credit: @gordonramsayofficial/TikTokGordon Ramsay was pretty happy with the result. Credit: @gordonramsayofficial/TikTok

The ‘grill’ was actually the V12 1200 horsepower engine of an Aston Martin Valkyrie. The only way to cook using one of the sandwiches is by giving the supercar a spin around a track, obviously, and that’s what Ramsay did.

After whipping the motor around the race track, the TV chef pops open the bonnet and gently unwraps his snack from the foil and voila – a grilled cheese sandwich with melted cheese.

And comments in response to the new and improved sandwich were a lot more positive.

“Time for some fun on the track! This just looks like perfection – grilled cheese that actually melts? Yum!” one person commented.

Another TikTok commenter penned: “He finally did it he finally…


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