Uber Eats Reveals The Most Popular Alcohol Trends Of 2022

Today, Uber Eats released their fourth annual Cravings Report, which divulges some of the most popular delivery requests from the last year. The report also reveals some of the most unusual delivery requests from Uber Eats and Uber-owned companies, like Drizly and Postmates, which of course, includes spirits and alcoholic beverages.

“The data of the 2022 Cravings Report tells the story of Uber Eats, which has gone from restaurant delivery to so much more—but especially our push into alcohol wherever possible,” Christian Freese, Uber’s head of grocery and new verticals across the U.S. and Canada shared with Forbes about the increase in spirits trends that the report recognized over the past year.


Nationally, the most prevalent trend within the category is what the report labels, “the no booze boom.” Uber Eats orders for non-alcoholic beers, wines and spirits spiked 300 percent over the past year. “The impact of viral trends on consumer behavior stands out to me,” said Freese. “From non-alcoholic beverages which certainly saw a spike this year thanks to an uptick in celebrity-backed brands and ‘sober-curious’ influencers, to viral trends like the Negroni Sbagliato which was the hottest drink of the fall.”

The Negroni Sbagliato became “everyone’s drink of choice,” as Drizly reported a 75 percent increase in Campari orders after the cocktail went viral on TikTok thanks to House of the Dragon actor Emma D’Arcy declaring it as their favorite drink. The report also shared an increase in vermouth and prosecco this past October. “When something is trending, people want to try it right away, and so our focus is on having a wide range of selection from different merchants to meet that need,” emphasized Freese.

On a more regional scale, Uber Eats honed in on the cities where users ordered the most alcohol deliveries, which were Los Angeles, Miami and Dallas. Among the most popular alcohol purchases were Tito’s vodka, large…


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