The Mystery of the Exploding Cheese wasn’t quite what it seemed


The Mystery of the Exploding Cheese: a Two-act Play.

Before you chuck all your Wensleydale in the bin, check out the explanation.

Let’s look at that again.

And that, my friends, is why silica gel packets are emblazoned with the words ‘DO NOT EAT’.

While the original was in r/Perth it very much deserved the new home given to it in r/facepalm by u/ivanvanrio.

Here are a few comments we really enjoyed.

There’s no wood on that handle, I’m surprised his hair didn’t catch fire.

I’m amazed some people make it to adulthood.

You gotta try this cheese. The flavour is shockingly good.

Next time this guy gonna try eating a corn dog loaded into a gun’s barrel.

It was one of those newfangled electricity ropes.

I would be more concerned that didn’t cause a breaker to trip and cut all electricity.

Somebody had to go there, and it was u/cold_zero.

I do not like surprises when I cut the cheese.


This Facepalm of the Day came close to disaster

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