‘Starfield’ fan calculates spaceships will cost about 64 cheese sandwiches

Starfield, the upcoming sci-fi odyssey for PC and Xbox, has been scrutinised for what appears to be a strange economy.

A fan on the Starfield subreddit put their calculations to the rest of the community, using two screenshots from the Starfield Direct. One screenshot shows the value of a patty melt – a grilled burger and cheese sandwich – to be 295 credits. The second screenshot shows the Fleet Ranger spaceship, allowing for a maximum crew of 49 and offering hefty shields, and this is priced at 19,054 credits.

A bit concerned about the in-game economy. 64 patty melts gets you a spaceship
by u/Mr_Twiddles in Starfield

Therefore, the Fleet Ranger spaceship is worth 64.5 patty melts. While this sounds puzzling, others pointed out there’s no way of knowing whether or not this is an indicator of an unbalanced game economy in Starfield.

Seeing that its setting is in the year 2330, two decades after a territorial war between two major fictional factions, the availability of beef might be as rare as the metals involved in manufacturing a spaceship.

The answer will only arrive when the game launches for PC, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on September 6. This attention to detail too is highly typical for Starfield fans who have been burning the midnight oil going over every announcement, piece of artwork, trailer and more.

For especially excited fans, there is a 1000-page Starfield compendium spanning the game’s whole development history, all written up and organised by one person. The intention was to capture the feeling of classic strategy guides for the upcoming RPG, and it’s safe to say that the document has been a huge hit with fellow fans.

In other gaming news, the companies behind a real life Burger Shot and Cluckin’ Bell pop up at Comic Con San Diego this week have been contacted by Take-Two Interactive‘s legal team.


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