Pit Bull Dubbed ‘Captain Cheese Puff’ After Getting Head Stuck in Snack Jar

A pit bull was left regretting his decision to boldly go where no dog has gone before after getting his head jammed in a giant container of puffs.

While the brilliantly named Jimmy Kibble probably enjoyed several minutes of heaven following his foray into the tub, he soon found himself in doggy hell after the plastic jar became stuck around his neck.

It left the canine looking like some sort of strange snack-based dog astronaut or, as his owner’s dubbed him: “Captain Puff of the space force.”

Although Jimmy Kibble is unlikely to want a repeat of the experience anytime soon, the results proved popular on TikTok, with the clip posted by yjb2000 amassing over 3.8 million views. You can watch it here.

Given the size of the tub, it’s safe to assume the pit bull enjoyed a memorable feast. However, he’s not likely to remember it in the long term or, at the very least, show appreciation to his owners for it.

In fact, a study by animal behaviorists from the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna found that giving a dog treats doesn’t necessarily result in them liking you more.

To test the theory, the scientists studied six dogs to see if they were able to form opinions about humans in -giving situations.

The study, published in the journal PLoS One, found the dogs did not differentiate between humans who were either generous or selfish in handing out treats in an earlier part of the experiment.

Stock images of a pit bull and some cheese puffs – one dog’s love of the corn based snack proved his undoing in a viral clip shared on TikTok
Ana Matovic/Merrimon/Getty

But while Jimmy Kibble is unlikely to hold on to the experience for long, dog lovers on social media found the entire debacle amusing to say the least.

Carman Laws662 dubbed the pit bull a “cheese ball astronaut,” while Gary Payton was worried about the potential fallout from such excessive cheese consumption, warning that the “dog’s gonna be farting orange clouds for…


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