Papa John’s Best Pizza | The Garlic Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza!

Today we’re heading to @papajohns to try their new !

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Oh my God You okay is that just water I tilted it Forward to like start to see if we could Do the jump cut here and water I thought It was like grease like what happened to You in Italy Oh it's from the oh yeah it's from the Peppers that looks good I can't wait for You to see that Look at that clean shirt oh sorry uh What's up guys welcome back to number Six with cheese that's Corey I'm showing Today fast review is pizza Papa John's is it fast I think so I Think so I think it's so it is chain Food very least yeah fast chain food Fast chain food bye no uh I think this Is what an epic garlic stuffed cross Pizza yeah for members only right now Which is just if you're on the app I Think it was like 13 14 bucks we got Pepperoni or anything no dude like Literally nothing has got no freebies of Any kind Early Access to Pizza I'll take It you know at this point uh so we're Gonna do that I'm very excited to try it Papa John's has kind of been on my Upswing they've been on an upswing so What are you gonna do you know I guess Make a video about it that's right we'll Pump your hair yeah guys don't also Don't forget this week you buy one of Them two packs of our beautiful Wonderful hot sauce you can mix and

Match you can get the hotter you can get The regular what are you getting though Free hat buddy oh wow a lid some your Mouth yeah yeah it's up your head yeah We got it all right you ready for pizza Oh you're born ready All right guys the for 13.99 for members only Acquired why am I going to smack the Lens jump cut that's what I consider Epic by the way the Shaka You're a little blown out Yeah I mean that did help all right guys Welcome to what is this Ikea what Kia Nero I would never have guessed that Right all right welcome to the Kia Niro Welcome to the dashboard welcome to a second angle let's open This bad boy up oh that does look epic Dude that's you're I mean a lot of herbs On the crust it looks like there's a Garlic butter maybe around the crust we Got pepperoni you get it with other Things the pepperonis look great nice And sizzled and then it's stuffed crust So we got some Goods on the inside Matter of fact even on the second angle Let me give you a little yeah give me a Little a little bit of we'll just do a Little separation yeah dude trying to Make me nut yeah there's some juicing Coming up coming from the pizza and Coming in Sean's pants yeah and what I Really love is when there's just grease

Puddled in the in the paps that's the Move we're getting that damn dude this Looks calm it down dude should I try to Push up not that guy just left Sure see if there's like better lighting Yeah we'll see if it works We're on a location scout right now Oh yeah right here That's good yeah that's perfect sick Dude that grease like shimmers when I Move this lighter yeah it sure does it's Glistening like a diamond ring in the Light yeah dude propose with this Dancing that's what we should normalize Normally proposing with pizza I don't Think I've ever given Papa John's enough Credit that they like automatically give You a dipping sauce with pizza like as Much as I love Little Caesars and I love The buck right there right I just I dig That they're like look this is going to Enhance it I don't know I wish like Little Caesar's every Pizza would come With like Ranch like that'd be sick that Would be sick all right time to get a Little epic huh yeah dude this thing is Blistering yeah and it's I'm gonna be Honest though it could have been cooked A little longer it's a little it's a Little gooey yeah it is indeed stone Hands over here yeah man I don't know How you do it I try to uh just hold on To radiators anytime I see them it Builds up yeah I'm always wondering what

You're doing in the back of this oh wow I think it was gonna rip I didn't think That was gonna be good all right the limited Time cheers Um okay I'm gonna go right to the back Yeah I'll go there with you all the Flavor that is really good they are not Joking about garlic oh man I'm gonna go Like fiend that is such a good amount of Garlic and like saltiness and Seasonings I don't do hard drugs but Garlic's one Of those things I feel like you might Catch me in a back alley doing some Dirty bits so someone's got a garlic Clover too I would love this cooked like Two more minutes but that's like a I'm Still happy also the Price Is Us 13 some Change they're not bad we've talked About this a lot on the show you have to Shop the deals at Papa John's or you're Getting a second job like this pizza I'm Pretty sure retails at like twenty four Dollars like that's just so stupid I get It like you're getting those email Addresses and you're pumping Papa John's Notifications into people garlic dip With the garlic crust dude I mean like Look at this cheese I mean that's I know I'm kind of down here because I want to Lose all that but this is some of the Best uh stuffed crust I've had guys Guys guys well if you're kidding me that Is crazy I've seen it all man there's

Been so many evolutions of fast food Restaurants on number six for cheese History like hated Burger King like it Now Papa John's hated it I'm pretty sure It's like to me like not deal wise but It's so much better to me than Domino's Oh yeah like Domino's price is just Still fantastic the carryout specials And all that but I'm pretty sure Papa John's like pizza now is one of my Favorites I think I like it more than Pizza Hut oh that's a close one I know We'll be close I mean if they're making Them all like this with the crust all Like topping this is definitely a little Undercooked but hey I'm not that mad About it no of all the things to be mad About one thing Corey that Papa John's Gets knocked for a little bit in the I Feel like the review Community people Think the sauce is a little too sweet I Like the sweet sauce I do too and I Don't think it's overpowering no we're Having a little undercooked crust the Pepperonis are crunchy how many uh large Pizzas do you think old Shaquille O'Neal Can take down two three of them I'd say He couldn't finish the third but he'd be On his third yeah I think that's my Guess yeah practice a second Shawnee uh Gets sweaty in the tank it's a little Steamy that's the closest I've ever said That sentence to a child Are you gonna do a second piece or did

You already do one okay you're just a Monster this is number two you just eats So quickly okay I'm gonna do the thing That I don't do that you're supposed to Do is you're supposed to ooze a little Bit of the pepper juice on the pizza Slice to give it a little spice so you Kind of do this I didn't know that so That's what it's for they should explain It somebody finally told me that worked At Papa John's were like did you know Why we give that pepper I didn't like How we said we like he came up with but He goes yeah you got to do that and so Also at churches they give you a Jalapeno to do that on the chicken melt Them yeah I'm not gonna finish this Third piece but I'm realizing I haven't Had any sixer sauce yeah right there for You I'm gonna have a some bites of the Third piece this just looks like an All-American slice of pizza that's a Clip art right there when you search Pepperoni pizza into Google images that Probably pops up you know what I'm gonna Put a little pepperoni pizza clip art in A thumbnail I love that I'll tell you What damn dude that 13 bones where it Really gets good is when you got stuffed Crust you're filling up oh it's filling You could eat two slices and be good to Go I like the crust more than the pizza And that is saying something yeah it's Really this is like an ultimate like

Breadstick bam I did not think this was Gonna be this good confirmed great with Uh six or sauce never a doubt in my mind I think there's a turn into a situation Where we kind of didn't like our dad and Now he's kind of we've we're kind of Giving him a second chance like Papa's Back in the picture yeah it's almost Like he left he got kicked out because He said a bunch of bad stuff at church Yep and then another guy comes in and we Started calling him Dad yep and he's He's technically still Papa even though He wasn't the original Papa and he's Doing a lot of the same things because He's living in Mom's house you know he's Still got to have asexual relations with Her so this is the new Papa then the new Papa is Shaquille O'Neal Heads up here goes a big bite I'm sweaty I'm full are you satiated I'm satiated I'm feeling good this uh crispy Pepperoni dude I'm telling you yeah good I'm just a sweaty mess over here yeah I Need some napkins for you I'm gonna try To delete this One of the best they've done I feel like In a while I'm gonna tell you this that To me is one of the best pizzas we've Had on the show that's not local in a While not all time probably I mean but It was damn good it was damn good before We go ahead and rate that which That's going to come in high for me I'll

Break it down one last time flavor was Amazing you it up with a bunch of Garlic you know I'm gonna love that and The price was right for Papa John's not Used to that chasing it up you said it So confidently that I was like I was Wondering if you're gonna just well I Was like I didn't want to over talk over You but you know you said it so like Well you jizz it up and you know in Italy he kept saying he was gonna go he Goes hold on real quick I'm gonna go rub Out a pee real quick and we'll just say It I've been saying that guy she does Not like it no it's like Kelly doesn't Like that I've been doing sure this Isn't going to be inappropriate but it's Going to look really inappropriate I've been walking up to her with my hand In my pants and going high five oh yeah You did that to me once I didn't like it Oh yeah I tried to force you to happen Yeah I didn't like it I thought maybe Your hand had just touched your penis It's my new thing people tend to be Really disturbed about it yeah oh it's Off-putting I can't figure it out Um that pizza was very very good uh the Price was great for Papa John's for the Deal 14 bucks that's a lot of food for 14 and now that some of like the the Bigger Little Caesars Pizzas are pushing Like 10 11 12 like that ourselves a ball Game we got a ball game now like we're

Back in it's the fourth quarter and They've been hitting a lot of Threes Dingers Um so yeah I'm excited yeah tell me that You played chess in high school I'm Gonna say that next time I hit a three Hitting dingers out here baby dude I'm Just I'm trotting around the bases out Here bro yeah uh let's rate it though I'm excited to see what my hand does Something I also say before I make love All right Alex you're back now I'm very Curious to see what effect the Undercooked bottom a little bit that was The only really negative all right Crank That and then rate it out of five damn Bro I'm impressed by the price I gotta Reward these guys I've been giving them So much crap for such a long time I'm Gonna give him a nice hearty reward I Don't want to be one of those food Reviewers that like has a grudge against The place and just gives a bad score to Give a bad score I can turn a new leader Yeah I feel like I went even low on this Potentially do you think Papa John now That he's like kind of you can cut the Music up do you think he would do our Show he didn't get me doing much I feel Like he does like a bunch of weird Podcasts now he'll do that let's see him Do a podcast I mean people think this is A podcast yeah we just gotta like people Keep calling probably blurp out all the

Times he says the n-word but Okay on the count of three are you ready Yeah got a five one two three Damn we're so close again wow buy me a Buttercup yeah that was uh that was Worth that score I almost went four Seven five all right guys here's the Deal we're gonna need you to like the Video If you haven't subscribed just do Us a solid get up there and hit that Button and then a quick question for you Guys so we can all argue and fight like The little children we are in the Comments yeah yeah what is your favorite Pizza chain I want to hear it I want to See it I want to read it let's go all Right we'll see you soon for another Video uh we love doing On this channel and as always if there's Ever anything you want to see us do Don't be hesitant to comment that as Well we love your ideas and we'll see You soon dude also I'm obsessed with This shirt yeah it's pretty sick it's Kind of sick and I think you should get It it's on our website all right goodbye Grease on the pepperoni Grease