Hearty grilled cheese + A massive slice of pizza

Happy Friday, and welcome back to Let’s Dish — your one-stop shop for all things eats in .

This week, Star reporters bring us their favorite hand-helds: My colleague Lisa bites into the robust grilled at & Cafe, and tells us about the giant pizza slices at The Combine.

Plus, stick around for a mouthwatering suggestion from one of our readers.

Paradise Bacon Grilled at Best Regards

Once, the employees at & Cafe in Overland Park did a little math to figure out how many combinations of grilled sandwiches they could make from all the artisan breads, cheeses and add-ons they have on hand. Grand total: More than 52,000.

A grilled cheese sandwich topped with Paradise bacon on thick-sliced, homemade sourdough bread at & Cafe, 6759 W. 119th St., Overland Park. The sourdough bread, which is made from scratch, takes three days to make.

To reporter , their Paradise Bacon Grilled Cheese ticks all the boxes of what makes a great sandwich.

Warm and hearty, this $10.50 sandwich is studded with thick-sliced bacon and made with sourdough bread, which is purposefully sliced thicker than the cafe’s first generation of grilled cheeses.

The bacon is meaty, not salty but a little sweet. It’s the star, but the cheeses are worthy supporting actors. There are two kinds — sliced havarti and shredded, aged extra-sharp cheddar. The havarti melts nicely, and the cheddar adds a little punch.

Before grilling, the outside of each slice of bread is brushed with softened European butter, which has higher butterfat than American butter and adds a slight tang. It’s packed with flavor — and a great story.

Read more about it here.

Custom Pizza Slice at The Combine

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