Eating the Iconic *RED BUN* at Burger King | *Spider-Verse Whopper Review* šŸ•·ļøšŸ”

We’re at @BURGERKING for their @spiderman #SpiderverseWhopper … on the first day it launched in May! #BurgerKing #Spiderman

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Six years internet what's up welcome Back to number six with cheese that's Corey I'm Sean today we're headed to Burger King they got a For the into the spider-verse promotion They're doing so we're gonna snag that Try it out and then this week we're Doing a deal if you buy either a hat or A pin on number six with you Get a free sixer sauce so that's right Get double the stuff for half the price That it normally would be or something Like that so we'll puncture here let's Go to Burger King and let's get it going [Music] Hey are you guys doing the lunch menu Yet Yes okay cool yeah I just saw the Breakfast menu up on the screen out here Um can I get two of those uh what's that New sandwich for the spider verse with The red bun Excuse me one second oh yeah yeah for Sure It just launched today so that's Probably why yeah are you talking about The waffle for junior it's Um spider verse Whopper Just launched today so it's that might Be why It's got the red bun I'm sorry give me one second yeah yeah No problem take your time Dude you guys don't got it so no biggie

We can go try another spot but I don't Know if you guys got the red buns in or Not I mean we have the stuff but I can't See it on the menu I see they haven't updated that part yet Yeah we don't have it under me okay all Good we'll appreciate you all right have A good one yep You have the stuff [Music] All right try number two See this is we are getting it literally Like at 10 55 a.m the day it comes out It's less than half an hour it's about An hour so like some people might say no Excuses dude like it's Incorporated Should be ready but we'll see maybe that One person is me I've always got their breakfast yeah Right can I take your order Yeah can I get two of those uh Spider Verse Whoppers Bye okay anything else nope that's it Okay you can pull around alrighty Let's see well I I'm we before we move out we gotta check Oh I'm checking them right out I'm gonna Make him give me a refund I'm gonna Throw yes we need the red bun in the red Bun and I think the only other thing Different about it is it's swiss cheese Oh I didn't even know they switched Cheese I thought it was just the bun That's interesting I think that's funny

That that's what they changed oh because The swisses kind of looks like web it's A little whiter oh maybe it's got holes In it like like a web wood yeah oh yeah Take your time I get first day it should Totally get it totally and technically You'd be the first customer to ask you Sweet all right they're first people Getting it okay I'm a sad Accolade see They did it right they just ran it rang It up how much are these bad boys 1090 but they just rang it up as Whoppers okay and then added swiss Cheese so we actually might have Overpaid because I wonder if you usually Get it they don't up charge for the Cheese but it wasn't even on the app yet So but like I wanted to look thank you Is it the red buns too cool awesome Thank you guys I will I'll let you know All right we got him we checked two of The into the spider-verse Whoppers from Burger King they're acquired jump cut It's gonna see that now if it like there Was a time where it finally clicked in From the app I feel like the app's Normally like so on it because it's like Schedule but it's still not on there wow That's so interesting yeah all right Here we go you guys are there this is a second angle all right so They do have like unique branding for This which is pretty cool I dig that uh

Open it up and there it is dude the red With the black sesame seed bun uh we've Got lettuce tomatoes well these are Really good tomatoes too don't care that Was a good dude I'm gonna try to hit this building I Think Dude you look like Spider-Man Uh pickles Um onions and then swiss cheese on this It's a single Whopper and then also Obviously the one of these mayonnaise I Think yeah so pretty standard it's just The Swiss cheese is different and then Obviously the Bun's different but other Than that it's your standard Whopper you Know it's going to be delicious I love a Little dye in my bread every now You know I don't know so they use this Bun when they did that Angry Whopper Back in the day right Ah that's good Reutilization yeah I wonder if those Sesame seeds were also black or they did This for the Spiderman yeah do this I haven't had a Whopper in a while yeah I haven't either it's been a minute all Right here we go we're in the spider Verse dude cheers Such a classic burger I like to change Up the Swiss too it gets a little bit a Little something extra job and this is Just the American cheese yeah I don't Even know if I can tell the difference Swiss cheese really grew on me I used to

Like not like it really if there's a kid For some reason and then I just was like Oh right you obviously like all cheese I Don't have an evolved enough palette to Tell the difference between cheeses too Much probably raw dogging but yeah Especially right like when there's like 18 different things I mean Whoppers are Just so classic never in my life would I Be like it can throw some mayonnaise on My burger all right let's go Burger King Was like I've got them in Wendy's like I Remember because McDonald's doesn't use Mayo on their sandwiches and I do really Dig it like on a burger No taste change really from the bottom No this is just so good like this new Movie is it one of those animated ones I Think yeah yep do you have a um like a Favorite Spider-Man movie have you seen Most of them I think I've seen most of Them there's so many iterations of it Now too probably a spider verse because I was never really big into those Spider-Man movies I always thought they Were a little lackluster compared to Other superhero movies yeah I loved the One with Toby Maguire and Kirsten Dunst Back in the day yeah and then I really Do love Tom Holland like I think he's Such a great Spider-Man that last Spider-Man he was in was great like I Just always dig it he's also just such a Great addition into the whole like

Avengers world like I feel like him Being younger it's just a good dinosaur He's kind of on a trajectory right now Could be in action movies and famous for Like another 50 years right look he's Kind of the guy like one of the up and Comers there's some solid young cats out There what's his name from Dune Timothy Chalamet yeah he's he's great Unbelievable I think this is so fun to Buy yeah I just dig it I'd even just Changing the bond like I just dig it I Think it's cool it's like one of those Things that's really fun for kids too I Feel so it reminds it's like even me Eating it it kind of takes me back to That like I would see a promotion at a Fast restaurant I was a kid I Remember when Burger King had the Wild Wild West menu because I loved that Movie for some reason I was just such a Big Will Smith fan and so like you would You know the kid's meal would have like A certain like I want to get all four Toys and there was this they probably Put like onion rings and barbecue sauce On the burger you know old west I don't Know I just dug it this kind of brings Me back to that do anything oh it's Right here I'm gonna put some sexual Socks oh I just forgot the only thing Wrong with the Whopper really is that it Doesn't have any heat and I would love Some I almost finished mine without six

Or sauce in it what a dumb decision that Would have been yeah Spider-Man was also my favorite Superhero growing up just from the Comics like he was the one that I like Actually really like yeah you were comic Guy not really my buddy Tyler was one of My best friends so he kind of got me Into it I liked it from the show from The cartoon cartoon was great and also The video games I had the Sega Spider-Man game was so hard but it was So much fun let me know if you guys ever Played that it was like impossible to Beat Um and then I got really into I like I Almost I got into drawing and Spider-Man Was one of the first things I would draw To make it look exactly like it and it Was like books you could learn Draw yep do this shape and then this Shape and then boom you just made Thor Like yeah that cool I loved that when I Was like eight That was an interesting one because I Feel like usually we're like bringing Taste into it so much I know but taste Not not a factor in this because we know The taste we know the flavor it's truly Just a promotion like we're gonna rate The promotion yeah it's like if you get A if you got like an old school friend That you've known forever who gets like A drastically new haircut but completely

Changes their stuff oh Jim's a biker guy Now yeah His exterior is different yeah I'm cool With it though yeah same same old gym New look that's the analogy okay we're Gonna rate this out of five we got the Whiteboards the promotion and then just The swap of cheese but uh into the Spider-verse Alex Trebek bump that all Right this is gonna be a quick one for Me all the way from heaven boom boom Boom I'm feeling good about this [Music] Man such an interesting like thing to Rate yeah my mind has to change a little Bit well there's really not much wrong With that all right cut it off all right On the count of three Reveal Your score One two three yeah I mean nothing changes the flavor I Think that was their room for Improvement I was giving like it could Have came out with a new item right but It was super fun I don't even care I Think it's so genius from a business Perspective of just literally changing The color of the bun and swapping out of Cheese you already have I just Appreciate it and then you're gonna get People like we wouldn't have gone to Burger King and now you guys I think the Little kids are gonna love it I think so Too All right guys don't forget to like this

Video subscribe to the channel how about This what is your favorite superhero Movie of all time I love that I like That one and you know if they want to Get Rowdy and put a superhero in who Maybe doesn't have a movie out yeah I'd Love that too you know I I'm just it was Super interested in seeing what your Favorite superhero is me too I just Would love that's fun because I'm I'm Really into the Marvel stuff I started Kind of get more into the DC stuff too Like they're just good movies man They're just Blockbusters it's fun to Just like eat popcorn and two and a half Hours just have stuff blow up all right Guys we're gonna get out of here don't Forget buy a hat or a pen you get a free Sixer sauce it was delicious on a Whopper yup and I will see you guys Again very soon on the channel we Appreciate you being here hurricane you Did it again [Music] Your way