Eating Portillo’s $8 Char-broiled Rodeo Cheeseburger | *IS PORTILLO’S A FAST FOOD RESTAURANT?!* 🤠

We love @PortillosHotDog and today we’re eating #RodeoBurgers from #Portillos that are around for the spring and summer. The beef, the bacon, the onions AND crispy onions?! Can’t beat it. #FastFoodReview

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[Music] You guys this spring and summer Portillo's has a rodeo burger for you And we're gonna head to the big Flagship Portillo's here in downtown Chicago with A drive-through to snag two of them see What they're all about and give them a Score and then today a donation shout Out for the legend Scott Mitchell 100 Smackers dude shout out to Scott and his Wife friend Die Hard number six for Cheese fans we love you if you guys want To donate to the show you can do that Little information is below you get a Shout out in an episode so today Scott And bran Sean and Corey Portillo's let's Go Can I do two of the um Rodeo Burgers Please Uh do you want everything on here I Think so yeah they have tomato on them No they just have the onion rings Um sorry perfect as long as there's no Onion or there's no as long as no Tomatoes on it he really hates Tomatoes Well That's a little much I dislike them A good day yeah you too thank you thank You huh don't try to make me feel bad About my tomato hate okay first time I Love it but I don't think it's crazy you Hate them you throw them off the window You know what I don't mind the hate he Really hates onions to a stranger bro

You better just leave my emotions off This Bud onions or I keep calling them Onions yeah dude it's got your favorite Thing and your least favorite this guy Really hates Tomatoes you do don't don't Don't throw me under the bus like that In front of strangers my opinion Remains The Same I think you can have that you Can have that opinion and you know what You can do with it stuff it in your back Pocket and leave it there I don't want To hear it okay not in front of Strangers it's goddamn embarrassing I'm Ashamed she was giggling she liked I'm Ashamed I had to salvage it Thank you all right a couple of rodeo Burgers from Portillo's acquired jump Cut now we're up here and now we have a second angle all right the Packaging's unbelievable I like their Little hot dog wiener dog guy on there It's pretty great and then open her up And what do we got brioche bun Underneath there you're seeing some Rodeo Burgers some Portillos Tangy Barbecue sauce some bacon they like Charted up pretty good some big giant Thick red onions that looks delicious And a good little beef patty and you Can't really if there's American cheese Under there I don't want to ruin the Integrity of the burger but it is under There yeah that's that's all she wrote Ladies and gentlemen because anyways

Like nice and crispy they look fantastic Damn near looks like the photo all right And then real quick here's mine on the Big camera I'm like straight up Impressed with this build and the look Of this thing it's looking awesome she's Wet in the pants absolutely soaked down There you sure about that you sure about That that's why all right the Rodeo Burger just under 9 bucks Portillo's Cheers Yeah the onion ring is amazing wow I Haven't got oh there we go got a little Running the stack of the onion ring with Red onions not the Cory wet dream right There There's a lot of soakedness going on This is some of the best like looking Bacon I've seen in a game I Think that's gorgeous yeah yeah for fat that's about as it gets yeah and Honestly the beef even looks like it's Got a little Char on the edges which you Don't see in either Right they are char-broiled man this is Like one of the best looking Burgers I've I've had that I've seen I'm curious what if Portillo's is like Out of state because that's like one of The main locations right that's like Their Flagship one do they hold are they This good is this like Al's Beef where You got to go to Al's number one and the Rest of them are kind of trash I know

I'd love to know the consistency right Like the one in Tampa Florida by my dad Right like if he gets this what's it Looking like I'd love it this is Fantastic well that Portillo's with the Drive through it's like the price of the experience of With the drive-through but all the Flavor and all the ingredients are way Better yes except for that chicken Sandwich we had agreed I love this Barbecue sauce I'm like I'm really Really digging it I haven't really Gotten to it I'm still like only on First layer bites yeah it's not bite for Half something I'm rooting For you Good melts on the cheese on the bottom And man you've heard us talk about this In the past having just big fresh Crunchy Red Onion is such a game changer Stepping it up from just chopped white Onions like trust me I still love them But this is like that's thick on it the Texture really helps Foreign Sauce but it's not bad it's just not my Not my thing but yeah I'd rather have The sandwich without barbecue sauce I Think it would still be great I don't Think this needs juices like just sub it Out for six or sauce or sauce oh Speaking of that nine you may I'm gonna bring some more up to the car

And I almost done with that bottle I did Not think this was gonna be like this Good like this is like I don't know I Just didn't think it was gonna be this Gigantic it's a pretty tall ass burger Yeah dude Bam Tell you what Putting good size onion rings on Burgers Like putting platforms on a human man That'll grow your hair a little bit no Wow wow Portillo's kind of continues to Expand and you know kind of going National more and more so I'm really Curious like were they ever going to get To the level of like a Shake Shack where Those kind of went from being like three Locations in Brooklyn right and very Quickly like in the last I mean over Like seven years there now everywhere I Wonder if Portillo's is gonna blow up to That amount no I mean it's a great Burger for the price yeah I just can't Get I'm gonna have some of the fact that This is like actually charred I mean That's really nice having that little Bit of like crisp on it I just changes The game on Burgers why is it just Texture overload everything has texture And crunch Yeah the barbecue sauce is too Tangy for Me but that's just personal preference I've been wondering is it frowned upon To order a Rodeo Burger without barbecue

I don't think so Live in a pretty customization World These days I think they'd be fine with That I've never been to a rodeo is this A staple I don't know I don't think I I haven't Been to a rodeo either I've watched like White guys at bars ride those those Bulls that's about it man I like Prontos Anyway we're being on a wet Sammy yeah I Mean you got it pretty quick we ate it Pretty quick but you'd still think There'd be a little less crunch on that Tell you what there's no other fast Burger Kings aren't that crunchy Generally not on the burger you know Like in the sleeve yeah those are those Were like perfectly crispy we got good Branding they just really knock out of The park with that I think I think it's Just so clean yeah they do I mean the Dogs got some sort of disfiguration on Its face over here yeah I'm not sure What that is it looks like a warble like It took a knife it got a bit of a knife Fight that might be a nice skull he does Look like he's been through some stuff I'm impressed Portillo's they uh totally Redeem themselves after that chicken Sandwich trash that I got forced into Feasting upon Tied you down and opened your gullet and Said you eat this oh yeah dude the fans Forced us oh yeah

Well I don't think the fans voted on I Think you forced me it seems like Something I would do yeah thanks for Trying to get me out of it though and Blame them yeah uh yeah but I did a Medium threw you out of the boss before We get out the white boards and uh Craft On them a score what do you got last Little breakdown everything was great I It was too Tangy for me for the barbecue Sauce that's okay if you like Tangy BBQ Sauce you're gonna love it if you don't Maybe ask for light barbecue sauce but The onion rings were fantastic the uh Quality of all the ingredients I thought Were great the thick thick thick giant Cut red onions were great and just Overall quality and size of that burger For the price for a fast experience Drive through in out I think all in all That was just a great experience the Build was so good I mean I would venture To say that many people at least some if You were served that I don't think you'd Know that was a fast food drive through Burger like the way it looked and the Crunch and the texture I mean the price Is I think ridiculous for how good that Was the funny thing is and this is where I'm so curious that's not a fast food Spot but it's still a drive through and It's the same amount as like a Burger King though it is a fast food spot That's not the Portillo's brand has

Become one I want to throw it out here To the world that the new locations are Fast food spots Fast Food Spot is almost Mentality go into that location and tell Me that you feel like you're in a fast Food definitely not that because they Have more of like the build up their Particular spot I don't think is a fast Food spot I hope I'm hoping some people Are like who are watching this have had That now like that burger they have more Of a drive-through did ours just look Ridiculously way back yeah like are we Getting basically like food artists that Like work at the brander at that one Like what do we got going on yeah you Know I don't know what the deal I'd love To know that didn't did not feel like a Fast food experience but I do Wonder Like I said is that because that's the Brand that was before they were trying To expand yeah and yeah and do the fast Food game that's just Portillo we just Ate at Portillo's the restaurant I mean You're spot on I love I'd really love to Know the consistency amongst other one Other ones other ones other ones I want To go to the other ones I ate a cow to The other one look out for la vodka all Right Alex you're back bump that out of Five what do you rate the Rodeo Burger From this Portillo's I know exactly what I'm rating it and The number I just wrote down

[Music] And I truly you can learn to 1.2 because How expensive it was No I'm not gonna ever forget that oh I know Or maybe months it'll take you a few Films cooling down once we start hitting Fall then it'll be done oh yeah all Right cut it off cut it off can't Believe this in my score I'm so shocked On the count of three Corey are you Ready I'm ready one two three That was I bet you everyone who likes Tangy barbecue sauce I bet you if I like Tanky Barber sauce I'd have been that High that was the only thing and that's Just personal definitely that wasn't That wasn't like a bad barbecue sauce it Wasn't bill Ed bad it wasn't used bad it Was just that's not my flavor profile Right and um it is what it is but I Still gave it a four that's always a Gamble too like when you get a burger Like that that has the sauce on it that You have in it like that really is all Over the sandwich so if you end up not Liking that sauce the whole thing is Different you know what I mean like Everyone who goes I don't think that Many people have had barbecue sauce from Portillo's you're really rolling the Dice they're really rolling the dice Dude there's a lot of different barbecue Sauce flavors roll the dice every day

You wake up walking out in the world you Know how many people get into car Accidents every day Problem man Oh man oh We're rolling the dice just filming this Episode yeah we could get smacked up Behind us you never know I don't have a Seat belt on yeah you'd love that oh Dude that would make me so happy see you Get Whiplash I get Whiplash right around You but I'm stronger and more physically Capable you would like grab the steering Wheel and stop and I would my teeth Would go through this dashboard Fantastic I collect them and turn them Into a necklace All right guys we're gonna get out of Here before it gets even more upsetting For me uh we really appreciate you guys Uh don't forget to like the video Subscribe to the channel for a comment Here today to kind of interact with you Guys you know that was kind of that like The rodeo sometimes they'll call that a Barbecue burger whatever what is like a Genre of burger like Specialties blue Cheese burger the bacon cheeseburger Don't have like Mexican will it be like Chariz chorizo beef with tortilla strips Like the Greek burger with the Euro meat And the feta yes uh what is your like Go-to specialty Burger Um you know we're saying so comment that

Below we'll interact with you guys here Today on the on the channel and we're so Glad you're here it puts meat uh anybody Puts veggie burger um blocking them from The channel I'll unblock you I'll see You guys very soon for another video we Love you and uh goodbye man I'm bummed It's over but I'm glad it happened [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign