Eating Motor City Pizza Co.’s 5 Cheese Bread | *The Best Cheesy Bread At Your Grocery Store*

This is @motorcitypizzaco’s epic 5 Bread that we snagged for $8 from @jewelosco today. Time for a proper review here at Number Six With , with new episodes every weekday. #MotorCityPizzaCo #5CheeseBread #FoodReview

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Long enough we got to Friday before we Get started on today's beer and kind of Like a pizza maybe a cheesy bread a Merch shout out to Mr Joe McFarland Dear friend of the show uh he's shot With us in the past on different Projects one of our favorites the plane That and Pizza Summit and the Pizza Summit he's awesome he's a videographer Himself you want someone for hire Um but he bought off the website a Monday drunk shirt and three bottles of Sixer sauce to support these two jamotes So uh Joel We love you Oh [Music] Welcome welcome Oh boy we're back at it again what do we Got today we got Jamaican Lager beer 4.7 It's called a red stripe original Founders Um this is a classic stubby bottle here In America and I'm assuming Jamaica and Uh you can get them pretty much anywhere So we're sucking down these on some Friday videos going forward and I'll Tell you what it's good and then Corey Uh I don't see any sauce what are we Eating today on a pizza Friday dude this Is pretty awesome we love this company The Motor City Pizza company has made Some really good pizzas that we've Feasted on the past this is their five Cheese bread which should just be like I

Don't know I don't like the way that Sounds five cheese bread yeah I don't Like that I don't either but it's Detroit style deep dish cheese bread Thick crispy crust tops edge to edge With mozzarella parmesan Asiago Romano Cheddar cheese and parmesan cheese sauce Yeah every pizza joint in Detroit will Have something that looks similar to how You cut this yeah you did a very good Job heck yeah dude I did it my favorite Chain in Michigan that sells bread like This how Hungry Howie's Hungry Howies is Fantastic they got like a cheeser bread Or an Italian whatever so good they do The thing on the crust they sauce it up They do a little sprinkling it's like a Little uh Pizza Goblin comes around it Just sprinkles a little magic little Magic dust yeah Goblin juice yeah but What is just him scratching the the Um uh what do you call when you get the Flakes in your hair uh dandruff he's Scratching the dandruff off his tank It's just salty though and it's tasty It's weird Goblin's like a really gross Looking but they have delicious uh Dandruff taint it's something like this It's like he's scratching and it's like She loves the beer spelled sir we found That that is actually not that bad yes Get that going there that was a perfect Rendition that'll stick to it even Better your beer was kind of like glue

Yeah that's oh there you go you want Some crushed red too I want crushed red I want the whole thing I like to Season it up yeah dude people who aren't Doing this at home because you know You're not eating this in the car you Got you got seasonings at home parmesan A little pizza seasoning a little Crushed red a little parm oh yeah dude Let It Rain that parmesan comes out made A complete mess of this place I'm glad Kylie doesn't watch this video oh that's A rookie mistake I want a corn I was Eyeball I want corner too but the good Corn you want the bad one yeah I want to Start I gotta go disappoint myself in Life Um looks very very good I'm wearing the Detroit Pizza shirt today for this you Truly and then you're wearing the new Eat local so support Detroit business Local baby all right uh Motor City pizza Companies five cheese bread cheers Oh good cries pretty good do that for Frozen yeah dude the seasonings are Really great Dude I'm the guy with the best of caramelized Crust back here I'm already really glad One of those cheeses is real creamy Mm-hmm oh probably parmesan cheese sauce Bam You guys this is damn good bro this is Like one of the best frozen items I've

Had in a while yeah oh New Boston Michigan All right here's the cross part I mean You guys look how caramelized that is That's unreal so caramelized mmm Well What that's really good I'm a big fan of this dude so I did the Edge you know I'm gonna do one this Minute I want to do there's a good Caramelization or These yeah you're right this side does Oh my God yeah you're right look at that That is all cheese that's crusted on the Back of that that's not burnt that's Cheese Not friendship right there guys you Gotta look out for your buddies yeah get That uh this is a s tier God move move Yeah bro well I got some of the truck Pasta sauce they sent it to us because They're freaking G's and we work with Them all the time so I'm gonna do a Little mini Bowl here it's such a good Move even if you don't like truffle Flavoring to have like a marinara or a Pasta or a pizza sauce like on hand for Little dip moves just empty why not Let's go to town Let's go to town dude all right get up In that Yes sir yesterday I love trough sauce Pasta sauce specifically Um

I really want to do a pasta sauce Competition to see if I like this or Rows or whatever we'll do it you'll know The Truffle one It's um we could get to the comics plus With us I'm gonna dip this undo Go to the crust the sauce you guys have Like a favorite pasta sauce that you use For things that aren't pasta Ooh that's interesting question I use Arabiata pasta sauces sometimes I know That of my homemade chicken parmesanos Oh yeah oh yeah But something I want to do this year is Perfect my own red sauce for sandwiches Like that well that's brilliant Immersion blender crushed tomatoes Garlic some basil and just do it up This is great man I didn't expect this To be this good dude this is really I'm Having one more just a sodium good and I'm doing scissors sauce on the whole Thing and dunking it Calm down So I'm about to blow another hole in my Butthole dude they put that on the box Corey Wagner from Toledo Ohio says he'd Blow another hole in his butt [Music] I've had stuff at restaurants worse than This no kidding dude oh my God D'agostinos oh my God you're 100 right So I have some cheese on some white Bread and throw that beef in the

Microwave you're good to go dude That's frozen cheesy bread yeah that was Horrible we did that not too long ago on The show and watching Corey have to Suffer through that was a troubling time In my life what was the price on this Take a guess hmm 7.99 7.99 shut your Mouth you're kidding swear to God I Guess a drink to that bro you nailed one On our last Trifecta or you were spotted I was off by Ascent you just got it dead On you win both showcases a boat and a Camper damn dude yeah 7.99 on the dot All right I'm gonna do one more bite That was worth 7.99 it absolutely is This would be nice to have in the house Sometimes you don't need the full Frozen Pizza honestly some of like the crappy Sauces and frozen pizza kind of ruin it And then also the fact that this is Cooked really well yeah like it's really Gotta this is just like we did nothing Extra to this they need one little spin Uh-huh Oh my God Crispy cheesy creamy crispy there's a Crispy twice it might be the perfect Frozen item wow this is a must yeah We got this at Jewel-Osco it reminds me When we were eating The Innovation yeah We thought we were like on The Cutting Edge yeah unbelievable all right do you Feel like you know whether or not you Want to endorse it yeah I think so

Eric McCluskey drum roll please all Right Whether you liked or enjoyed it the main Thing Corey should the Sixers buy the Five cheese bread from Motor City Pizza Company are you ready yep oh Unbelievable that's a must get don't be A fool get that ASAP one of the best Items we've had from the frozen Aisle in a while maybe ever might be top Ten absolutely all right guys don't Forget to like this video subscribe to The channel me and Corey we're here five Days a week we had a lot of fun stuff Coming we're so pumped you're here to Comment with you today because we always Comment we chat in the comments drink Every time I said comments Um what do you put on your pizza or Cheesy bread at home to really judge it Up and like make it your own like Crushed red pepper hot sauce oregano Pizza seasoning garlic powder onion salt Parsley parmesan cheese like what do you Use there's a million more comment yours And uh we'll comment ours and we will See you Monday for a brand new episode On the show next week Italy Italy next Week dude we're going live we're going Live every day we're in Italy if you Didn't see our announcement video uh go Watch that I'll link that below where we Talk all about it we're going to Rome Naples Amalfi Coast if you've got any

Recommendations if you want to support The Vlog let us know and we'll see you Guys very soon Grazia How do you say sure I'll have a drink in Italian [Music] Foreign [Music]