Eating Fat Shallot’s Epic Turkey Sandwiches on Thanksgiving Day 2022 šŸ¦ƒ

It’s Thanksgiving! Hope you and the family are doing well. Today we’re at #FatShallot for some #TurkeySandwiches for this #FoodReview. Enjoy this ridiculous one!

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Foreign [Music] You guys Happy Thanksgiving we're so Excited you're here Thanksgiving 2022. And what do you do on Thanksgiving if You're a lame-o you eat turkey but you Know what Sean and Corey don't really Love traditional turkey dinners turkey It's like a leaner meat okay okay Preheat the oven to 350. Having a 350 I should have divorced two Years ago so what we're gonna do is We're gonna go to our one of our Favorite sandwich spots fat shallot and We're gonna stag some turkey Sandos so Thanks for being here that's right guys And also want to tell you we do have a Black Friday deal going on this upcoming Friday if you buy over 15 worth of merch At the store you're gonna get a free Bottle of six or sauce what 15 bucks That's basically the cost of a bottle of Hot sauce that's pretty amazing so you Just kind of gets like kind of getting The Free bottle hot sauce Black Friday Black Friday let's go get some food Foreign [Music] God I look fat shallot In that bag on Thanksgiving a couple of Turkey sandals from fat shallot acquired Jump cut this is some Poor People's Turkey times when your door won't open Because there's things in the way and

You gotta like Oh look at that huh oh wow So you're doing a pot roast this year Could you sign yeah I think we're gonna Do brisket we gotta fix this Thing Brisket yeah that's a good move and then I'm just gonna do the most decadent cheesy potatoes Aggressive uh recipe I can find for sure Kill everybody make it back at it heart Attacks dude decadent dude and I'm gonna Sneak some weed in there Legal cannabis yeah dude that handle That door is a ladle I like that oh that Is cool I like like dumb details like That yeah their awning says oh that's a Different business like their awning Says eyelashes that's the next building Over so if this is truly a conversation Tonight say let the conversation begin All right Cory Wagner second angle all Right let's see what we got okay okay Uh-oh a little pretzel bun yeah one of My most hated things in America but what Are you gonna do so on this thing it's Oven roasted turkey breast pretzel roll Avocado we got the Cucumbers taken right On off of there there's also arugula and A basil aioli uh this is some of the Thicker avocado that I've seen like they Just throw that bad boy right up on There and I respect that man I missed a Real opportunity to like while in the

Short amount of time where I'm gonna be Driving for the car I my thing should Have been tossing cucumbers yeah I hate Cucumbers it's one of the only things I Don't like I think it overpowers a Sandwich and it tries to make it all About itself are you ready to have the Weight of the world crushed down upon You and your I heard you told me it Really comes at you huh yeah they love To come and tell you how that's litter You know animals don't eat all the rats And pigeons aren't eating whatever Stuff's falling stuff you got a lot on The back end mine's billowing out and I'm Yeah it is blowing out all right so very Interesting way to do Thanksgiving but It's my preferred method that's right All right here we go fat shouts turkey Sando cheers I just love avocado I went right for the Avocado bite I never mind it's a big Chunky avocado either I dig it me too Wow did you get much of that aioli Everything about this is great I don't Think they make a bad sound no they Don't I would say fat shallot is Probably one of the most notable food Trucks in Chicago they have a brick and Mortar in Lincoln Park and it's nice to See it's all translated very well this Is really good I know I had extremely Low expectations for this

Really coming in high huh higher than What you thought way higher the pretzel Bun I thought was gonna be like dumb Yeah it's a cold sandwich which I Historically don't like turkey is one of My least favorite Meats if I'm being Quite honest like all these things up Are set up to have this fail that's how You know and then I bite into it and the Flavor is really really good the pretzel Bun is not like um getting in the way at All no and also what a great use of Arugula I do I like arugula wow I don't know What's flavoring this I'm assuming it's At aioli this tastes amazing it's Working really well together I don't Mind a cold sandwich but there is some Heat like there's some warm things on it Too remember the Buns will form and I Don't normally like that I don't like The difference in things I'm I've heard You say that before this is very good so This is 12.50 no side but two Honkers of A half of a sandwich I'm really impressed do you remember we Were talking about arugula what I think Is probably the best arugula moment on The show what's that I don't know why I Remember this we went to Blaze Pizza and We got the white claw pizza and they Just dumped a bunch of arugula on it Afterwards and you were just very funny Yeah

Oh okay I bet these people already know What I'm about to say probably oh heavy On the leaves bro That was dumb of them what a way to make A thing bad don't know if you can tell By my odd moans but I'm impressed is That what those are this is one of the The more what am I looking to say here This is like one of the better example Of teammates you didn't expect to play Well together and are crushing it yeah Like you kind of assembled a team a Bunch of Misfits kind of together and They all just kind of came together Maybe a good coach kind of the coach a Gordon Bombay if you will that's a great Analogy there's a classic sports movie I Really like that analogy And I really like that They do nothing bad there I should have Never I should have heard fat shallot And shut my brain off yeah lesson Learned there Almost just watched a T-bone steak Happen It might be the best pretzel but I've Ever had in a sandwich it for sure is For me I think I've almost had the whole Menu now I haven't because their chicken Sandwich is so good that I don't shy From that very often buffalo chicken Sandwich amazing fire and guys on this Camera as you can see in the glistening Chicago Sun look at the buffalo chicken

Sandwich from the fat shallot Cheers Cheers That fish is so good instantly fire if You made this at home this would be the Best thing you've ever done with your Life truffle BLT Grilled Cheese with Monster sourdough sauteed spinach and Caramelized onions they have a Reuben They have a chicken pesto I think I've Tried the chicken pasta when it's really Good also uh very incredible there the Tomato bisque soup and also their potato Salad bacon and Dill they just have a Very fun menu and I just think Everything they do is fire I love you and we're sitting literally It's right Next to us right in the heart of Lincoln Park it was ready so fast the woman in There working the front desk was so nice So I'm having a good day wow I'm Speedy To do this I'm almost done the whole Thing let's say you could only make a Plate of three traditional Thanksgiving Things only three nothing else you can Have your beer whatever you want but What would that plane have on out of Only three traditional Thanksgiving Things traditional Thanksgiving things Oh God so you can't have like a Cheeseburger or a pulled pork this is Gonna upset a lot of people and that's Okay with me these are my three favorite Items at Thanksgiving you're going to

Notice a complete lack of meat yeah so Thanksgiving's all about the sides to me That's right cheesy potatoes I'm a Massive fan of cheese I'm a massive fan Potatoes you throw them together I'm in Heaven give me some cheesy potatoes yeah Then I'm gonna go macaroni and cheese We're on the cheese wagon you're seeing A little thing going on here third spot We're going another form of potatoes Classic Mash with gravy and butter wow And there's my three I'm just doing a Double potato and some cheese 400 grams Of carbs and you're not for a week yeah All that cheese yeah cheese for sure Also a carb I think I gotta do it my Mom's stuffing recipe oh stuffing I Really like stuffing when it's done Right yes so stuffing and I feel like I'm copying off you but like macaroni And cheese is the right answer so good I Was gonna say like you're not gonna pick Dinner rolls you're not gonna pick Cranberry you're not gonna turkey's dumb Yeah I'm gonna go macaroni and cheese That's the best that's the right answer That is out yeah so I'm a Carby boy too The only thing we left off uh was uh Family fights yeah Sometimes the plate gets thrown because Of the family fights there's a famous One from my family where my uncle threw A handful of mashed potatoes at his dad My grandpa yeah that's pretty great

Streamlight into my veins speaking of Streamlined into our veins uh we love to Give shout outs to people that super Thanks the show you click the little Money icon the money goes straight to us Uh Derek Boudreau Derek Boudreau D Cohen Derek Boudreau and Derek Boudreau thank You so much uh Derek Boudreau the MVP You guys see why he's a legend do you Guys understand that he is a legend I Need maybe a merch at one point that Says like Derek Boudreau this funds my Show Derek withdraw funds this show yeah Man writes itself Um yeah super thanks a show we love that We also have been on PayPal we do shout Outs in different days for those so Thanks for saying I sound like Cindy To do thank you so much for all the Support mom asked me to ask you if There's any mail for us here by mistake I I don't understand you what do you Want all right before we go ahead and Reveal our scores and write them um We're gonna break down this turkey Sandwich uh you know do our thing core You're up okay uh here's my thoughts on It I am incredibly impressed I should Never doubt fat shallot they only make Top-notch food I don't like most of the Ingredients on that sandwich yeah they Made it in a way that tasted unfreaking Believable I really think it goes to Show you how a good aioli can bring the

Whole thing together it was absolutely Wild Um yeah that's just and it I will say The price point not my favorite the 12 Bucks for it a little steep a little bit Steep and I do think that things with Whole avocado get bumped up a little bit Because avocado is not cheap yeah I do Think it's still like you know Lincoln Park's expensive that's kind of the Going rate ish yeah so that's my that's My input I like that we use Thanksgiving As the jumping point to review something Turkey based because there's no world we Would have done that on the show right Regular day right so this was kind of a Fun one for us I think that to me is the Sandwich you get from the truck like During work like your work breaks yeah It doesn't make you feel like crap it's Kind of a fresh sandwich it's very big I Have a whole other half in there um that I'm gonna scarf down later saves really Well I think overall there there's like Reasons you'd get that sandwich over the Buffalo chicken and have a better rest Your day you'll have a better rest your Day yeah it's just healthier I mean the Pretzel bread snapping the turkey is Yeah avocados go to the arugula all that Stuff so I'm gonna give it a good score Excellent all right Alex Trebek bump That from heaven I'm so impressed Question is what exactly do I give it I

Was trying to slow roll you on that one Hey man who was the uh former Spokesperson for Toys R Us was it Jeffrey the giraffe I want people to start predicting what They think we're writing oh that's fun Okay I got I got okay are you doing that same dumb Thing where it's a bunch of but yeah I Can tell you're doing dumb dots and Stuff oh I spelled it wrong [Music] See what happens when you try to give Too much effort simple sometimes wins uh That was a representation of something I've also done in the men's locker room Before getting kicked out of LA Fitness Too I seen it I seen it On the count of three thank you Ox Um Reveal Your score here today for fat Shells turkey sandwich 1250 are you Ready one two three So I went a little higher only because I Don't think there's anything else in the City that would come at that for in Terms of turkey but the price kept it Low yeah I didn't really like I'm kind Of comparing that to like Not real heavy like bad for you Sandwiches which I don't have a huge Rolodex but you got somewhat but a Little bit so 4.0 is a damn good score Yes um for what I think that was that Shallot much love guys don't forget to

Like this video it helps a lot subscribe To the channel hey if you're around some Family members today and they uh they're Looking itching for some more content Tell them about number six with cheese We'd love that there'd be new Sixers in Fact get your whole family together and Set them down and force them to watch This episode yeah so have everybody Bring their phones and tablets and the TV out and stream this video like eight Times help the numbers and then this Will be the part where you cover your Grandma's ears stop it I gotta edit this Damn it uh how about this year uh Comment what you're thankful for yeah Mine will not be Corey Comment what you're thankful for uh We'll do the same and uh Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and to those Of you who don't live in America Congratulations you probably live in a Better place I'm thankful for you um we'll see you Guys tomorrow for a brand new episode uh Kiss your loved ones and um see you soon Love you guys [Music] Thank you Foreign [Music]