Eating Bonci Pizza in Rome | *IS THIS THE NO. 1 PIZZA IN THE WORLD?!* | Episode 3 πŸ•

We’re at #BonciPizza in #RomeItaly for some of the best pizza on the planet. #GabrieleBonci is an absolute legend, so being able to fly to Italy and eat his pizza? Truly remarkable. What a bucket list item for us here at #numbersixwithcheese

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[Music] Good morning guys Here's how here's how the uh Rome Airbnb Wake up situation looks I think these Beds are a little too far apart Personally What a weird stretch Voting personality I think it's time to shower and grab an Espresso and start eating uncontrollably Morning Italian Birds Looking more presentable now Fired out when you started that Need to practice Ciao buongiorno [Music] That's it these cups are just great I Like the little little knob it's like Tough to hold but it's Charming Nonetheless Oh my gosh a little BTS of Corey's Vlog Oh hi this is how I filmed Cheers Cheers So good so while we were in Italy we hit 40 000 subscribers which is a pretty Awesome Milestone it makes me think that We should have had one extra beer last Night I don't think anyone would last They literally the city closed down yeah So we couldn't even do it Little Sun flare Espresso coffee drink Oh yeah [Music] I'm from Victoria Emmanuel all the way

To cpro [Music] [Applause] Foreign Okay so we're just west of the Vatican Today a very iconic Food review for you Guys this is banchi this is Gabrielle Banchi's the Michelangelo of pizza Legendary you might have seen him Profiled on chef's table if you watch That awesome like docu-series but today We're getting probably one of the most Famous pizzas in the world but a revered Place here in Rome so we took the train Eight stops we're walking up to Banshee It's right up here it's pretty much Right off the train and we're gonna Feast on a bunch of different slices That they'll cut and waste you can get As much as you want and he does fresh Ingredients on the pizza get stuff at Markets and make slices I'm so pumped Yeah dude this is gonna be um this this Might be what I was looking forward to The most Hey not much of a line [Music] Can I do one of those salami yeah thank You And then Um and then the uh is that the egg and Potato yes I'll do one of those that Would be spicy one yes thank you Potato and artichoke yeah one of those

Please Let's go for it and what else is there The eggs the spicy eggs That's all guys [Music] Cheers Sensing a theme with the beverage Choice Throughout the videos [Music] [Applause] All right the level of excitement is Probably not even coming through in the Lens but we can alleviate that with a second angle this is going To be a little tough so I'm not exactly Sure we got here oh oh my God the smell So over here this looks like ricotta Artichoke and potato right here we've Got scrambled egg naduja And also potato Then we've got salami Ricotta and onions Actually I think I nailed it I think it Killed it I'm just gonna know these Ingredients did an amazing job yeah and Then I got spec on this one this is yeah No it's all right it kind of looks like The others yeah yeah but are you guys Kidding me right now also we uh no big Deal we're on vacay we dropped 65 Euro On some beers and some pizza I'm so Pumped me too this is a big Channel Moment okay I'm gonna start with which One you start with let's do egg and Indus oh my God

We're also filming this at it just hit Noon so you know breakfast pizza banchi In Rome by the Vatican cheers I've never had egg on pizza oh my God That spicy is good The crust is amazing You guys it's like it's hard to even put Into words how good and crispy and Fluffy and brunchy the bread is The crust is way better in Rome than it Is in Chicago oh that new inducer's got Some spice good cat good eat good catch Good eat oh my gosh got such good spice It's just so much better than the Chicago location absolutely oh my God The egg on it he like adds a little Fluffy texture I never would have Guessed satisfying I love the potatoes I Am obsessed with this Just to paint the picture for you too we Got a graffiti wall right in front of us A beautiful Church And graffiti behind us yeah while we Were waiting We met Paul from pendulum who is dude Ever [Music] Musician originally from Australia moved To London now he's back in Australia Traveling the world he got a little bit Of the souply supply the arancini you're Gonna do a little food review for us I need to split it Paul's a professional just running into

Other food reviewers over here I'm out It's so good oh my God and a couple epic Slices all right let's check this pizza Yeah [Music] I'll win a lot off of pause absolutely Unnecessary And he was couldn't have been nicer so Paul it was so great chatting with you And we can't wait to link up with you When you tour through Chicago yeah funny Enough if you guys are like long time Hardcore viewers You've seen us make a vlog of uh Spring Awakening and Paul's done Spring Awakening they've at EDM if you like EDM Go follow him on socials and uh yeah Enjoy his tuners a lot of people Probably like dude I know that guy right So I took this shot showing the line When we left it's triple that you know Yeah I believe it dude also of course They have great napkins a Banshee this Is the salami I like them mozzarella no What's the dollops on Coal Fire ricotta This is ricotta oh wow I'm 90 sure it Looks absolutely stunning and perfect Unfortunately 90 of the time I'm wrong Cheers Damn this one's a thousand times better Than the egg one dude I loved the egg One like I love this too but I truly Loved the spice of that ninja this is

All the onions are so good I'm that's What it is I'm such an onion Guy this is One of my favorite pizzerias for sure I Love it amazing Mm-hmm you guys thank you for sending us To Italia I kiss you all in the mouth if you let Me Just turned into one of those Classic Korean song moan videos I just Thought um This one is incredible probably meant to Be eating at a table you ever got it Down That place was so Charming cutting it With scissors for however much you want And they're so nice once again Everybody's so nice everybody here in The service industry is like an 11 out Of 10 in kindness Oh hello how are you that's all it takes For me to think you're nice they say hi That's all I need All right now I gotta go artichoke I'm really excited potato artichoke and Ricotta Pretty wild so I've heard Italy's got Like a A love for an artichokes that's what I Sure do So good very good I don't eat artichoke A lot in my normal life so it's like fun To be somewhere that like specializes in It yeah right so this is spec this is

That smoked prosciutto I mean it's got a Tomato sauce and then a mozzarella on it As well it's uh utterly gorgeous and Amazing look at the skill of not Spilling I feel good about that Lu Oh my God The sauce the red sauce really good Incredible hmm What's your favorite easily my favorite Is the onion Ricotta and salami yeah It's so good You got my other piece of artichoke yeah A classic Korean Shawn over order I am So blown away by this A rare Corey share move the Cher I feel Good about it too I'm gonna do some of His artichoke and he's gonna have some Of the specs maybe that's my rules I'll Only share if we're in another country Barney I think I'm ready to share now All right let's see what this one's all About Yeah respect is great I respect it everyone booze boom If you're seeing this video and you've Never watched our videos before Recording Sean make videos in Chicago And we got fan funded to come here we Did some other reviews that you're Seeing on screen now that have dropped In the beginning of the Italy truck so Check the whole couple weeks of content That's coming out Series yeah I can't Believe I'm saying this and I don't want

You to smack me I think the egg in the Douche is my favorite Oh I wouldn't thank you for me anything They're amazing I like it but man that's Yeah man I gotta go with the salami you Know I'm such an onion guy I think we disagreed on favorites and Once again mine was the Red Onion that's There's yeah I'm sensing a theme it's Onions if you would have told me I was Going to come to Italy and eat scrambled Eggs on pizza and it was gonna be my Favorite thing from a legendary Pizzeria From the Michelangelo pizza I would have Told you you're a liar there's no way And first of all I didn't think I'd be Eating eggs on this trip yeah no kidding Italy's not really a big like you know The breakfast uh like what we're used to In America the big like hungry man Breakfast they don't have that really Okay Very filling yeah I didn't know they do The half Cuts I'm with you I thought so I was kind of like well I want I want to Try three so I'm just gonna have to Order more than I need yeah by the way This beer beera Messina cristali desale Nailed it dude fatty meat birifiki the Maspora and Messina That's where they Park here huh it's Right up on the sidewalk sit I've had an All-new level of pleasure Getting me too why are the front of your

Pants what this is done enough Sick I spilled food on my shirt and I Was bummed about it but then I Remembered it's your shirt yeah dude Cool hey if somebody could please bring His luggage ASAP I'm losing a lot of Shirts What a thing to get excited about that Line gets beefy quick we got off the Train and no joke like walked right in That is not normal so far we've got two Hall of Famers we've met oh by the way How did it take me this long to realize That we're underneath a beautiful pink Budding tree I was looking at this That's why I wasn't looking at scenery Yeah my taste buds took control my sight Kind of went out yeah a two Hall of Famers we've met so far though Paul Instant Hall of Fame friend and uh el sepi el sepi el Seppo Alessandro Alessandro that dude Awesome we met some I feel like we're Making lifelong friends that we'll never See again I don't know man I'm gonna That's what Instagram Sorry I got nothing sorry card only you You want some pizza yeah yeah We're done we're done you take it if you Want more you can you sure yes yeah Absolutely look at that yeah take the Whole box yeah you want the whole thing Seriously we're done yeah we're done I'm Full enjoy that yes we're so good thank

You so much that you can have it yeah Have a great day That worked out really well that worked Out well I didn't want to I didn't want To take it all the way home honestly It's amazing we're on out and about Today and we can't like we were gonna Probably try to find people to give that To yeah we got more food reviews to do Yeah Dude that feeling good today yeah wow But I can pretty much call it a day what Is it 12 17. so yeah and well see you Later I did the Paul bet of leaving damn bro We're on a heater we can't be stopped It's like an NBA Jam when you're on fire And anywhere you make it from anywhere Okay so we're allowed to goaltend right Now absolutely I'm snagging him out of The air this is a deep cut NBA Jam bits We're running here okay so in the Italy Videos we've been doing is it an Absolute must stop is it pretty good is It average is it a skip what do you Think about Banshee oh my God the crust I think is like what really does it Which has been a theme that was the First piece we had was like all about The crust yeah this takes it a step Further and does crust plus incredible Ingredients I think you mentioned this Earlier that the chef goes out and every Morning goes and gets those ingredients

So it's new fresh pizza with new fresh Ingredients every single day it takes it Up a level it's unbelievable this is a Must get I don't care if you gotta take The metro out here yeah you have to do It take a flight The hype of this place and when you go To somewhere that's so worldly renowned You have a pretty easy chance of being Disappointed when you just think it's Going to be the greatest thing and Gabrielle banchi's Place check every box Dotted every eye crossed every T I don't Know it was just incredible and I'm so Glad we had such a good experience make Friends in line it was great this is People from all over the world in there Three for three bro it's been absolute Banger afterbound unbelievable every Time so um yeah think about subscribing If you're not like the video and uh New Italy content to come we've been having A blast so we'll see you guys very soon And thanks for following along cheers Foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] So we haven't been to the Vatican since 2008 So it's 15 years ago and it's just Amazing how like breathtaking all this Is and the architecture here whether you Care about religion or not these people Knew how to build a building