Devouring Lexington Betty Smokehouse’s Wagyu Steak Dogs at Mariano’s Spring Magazine Launch πŸŒ­πŸ“–

#ChefDominiqueLeach is a star. Her , her personality and her business sense is unmatched. And today we’re at #Marianos in #Chicago at the Mariano’s spring Magazine launch to meet her and have the “Mexican Style” Wagyu Steak Dog with Pico De Gallo, Avocado Salsa and JalapeΕ„os.


You ever go to the grocery store and Think to yourself man I really wish they Had a magazine well today today's the Day [Music] Okay A little uh different episode here Today for that's Corey I'm Sean today we're actually Going to a launch of a magazine for Mariano's which is like a Kroger company A grocery store that is partnering with Chefs and doing a bunch of awesome stuff They're doing a big launch and they Invited us to the event yeah it's great There's also a celebrity chef that's Going to be there oh yeah leech oh yeah Who apparently is making some wagyu beef Hot dogs I mean come on sounds a little Bit like an oxymoron but I'm here for it Let's go [Music] Follow the music probably Follow the music There's a happy hour on Fridays at Mariano's and that's what that DJ was For and that's so great the slinging hot Dogs over here so I'm here for the Slinging hot dog hot dog I'm here for Hot dogs heaven on Earth Damn all right all right all right about To find out how good it is Lexington Betty's Smokehouse Foreign Party of My Magazine I got the cover at

Mariano looking good super excited Everything about wagyu we're wild for it And I just want to let the world know That this is the first of separate Products that myself and Vander Farms Are going to collaborate on to bring out Into the market and here's the second One already available at the restaurant spicy Betty Barbecue sauce keep an eye out for this Or be on shelves in about three weeks With the andouille sausage right behind That so this is the summer of wagyu if You don't know about it get to know About it get to Mariano's get my Products you're gonna love them I love That the summer away Google That's my new phrase I need to get that On a necklace or something it might be a Tattoo for me I Proclaim this the summer of George Okay so we're at the Mariano's this is Where That right here wagyu beef franks right Next to all the other hot dogs and the Bacon and stuff bang right there look at That cutie looking real good making the Best wagyu beef franks in the land so How much are these eight big old Franks 15 bucks so if you want to snag these in Chicago very very easy to find are you Ready yeah let's do it Thank you these are good to go awesome Thank you guys you're welcome oh baby

Manager Patrick you know who's going in Like I'm not skipping this part that's Skipping this price that's why he's here Not to hang out with us all right go uh Hop outside let's do it we've gotten Very accustomed to just finding places Outside because of Italy yeah Italy was Like training grounds for that to go do so we're gonna go pull in Italy Pomeranian I have a Pomeranian so I get excited every time I see one I Know they're so good because they smell Good I want that I want that hot dog I Get it you got good taste human give me That I mean do we need to do a second angle Or do we cut to that clip so this is one Of the three dog Card at the restaurant this is our wagyu Dog with avocado Crema pico de gallo and Jalapenos you're gonna love it it's my Favorite so I brought it here for Everyone to try today hell yeah thank You looks so good now we don't need to Do our job she did our job no Corey's Second angle on this one all right our First hot dog from a grocery store I Think on this channel I don't know if That is the proper way to describe yeah It's not the right way how about more of This famous chef who makes amazing Brought this for a pop-up at a Mariana That's way better I'm glad you're here I'd be totally ruining this all right

Here we go cheers Oh yeah the quality is just so much Better Funny you can taste the meat does have Way better quality Fantastic It's even a better bun I got to spit on you too I apologize dude we're Brothers that's like me spending on Myself yeah actually we'll be Interviewing as a team we're here to Finish it up love the jalapeno such a Good wow the avocado Crema it's very Really good how often do people see me Eat tomatoes Um you know once every six minutes Fantastic Those bites were all like you get a Little bit of everything which is Basically the whole thing it's just Excellent and how cool is Dominique and All the people that we met in there from Mariano's or Dominique were just super Nice and friendly this magazine is the Launch for the quarter so this is April May and June Dominique's on the cover We've got it right there for you we Haven't done a magazine cover yet but Mariano's I can see you maybe hitting us Up one day about these two ugly mugs So sick very cool to see her on the Cover slinging these dogs so that's what We're covering is the uh the launch of This quarter's magazine

I mean it's funny how much of a Difference the quality of meat can make It's weird eating like a hot dog that is Good meat yeah it was very rare I'm used To Pig elbows it reminds me of the one Time I think I had a steak dog and you Had an alligator that's the only other Time I think we've had like quality hot And this is way better yeah yeah I love that it's outside an exports Our new sponsor there's irony here yeah Just wanted to tell you I looked it up In the dictionary and you were right I Thought ironic meant made entirely of Iron They're in the aisle 15 bucks I'm pretty Sure she ships online too okay that's Good to know the link below check it out All right and I also feel good the fact That I actually finished mine before you It's very rare it's very rare number six What she's saying normally I'm just Still gabbing on a gabanon yeah this Feels good you can take on the sights of Lakeview so good all right well should We go in and grab Amore's beer one last Beer before we get out of here a little Bit and also one quick little bite in Review from manager P weld spot oh yeah Special P welds review Mm-hmm He was already saying [Music] Vermont

I have to look up spell that Quality yeah Quality Meat for Quality Manager right there you go this is all We can pay in this month so that's uh Yeah Dominique thank you for the paycheck That you gave our manager my invoice is Just one hot dog it had to be a Frankfurter We're okay so Morris is here at Mariano's black owned Brewery some of The best here in the city and I finally Got to like meet them and have some beer So if you ever see Moors in Chicago buy All of it it is one of the best Breweries I don't get to talk about Craft beer enough on this channel snagit Endorsement over all right let's go Pulled pork cigar I mean it looks so good tip to get the Ashes Look at that I mean that's brilliant How's it taste Oh my God oh my God that is real good Unbelievable yeah I can't get over the Concept of it let's see how many times We try to pass we're running like I Don't smoke I'm like no you eat it and Then yesterday we did an event 420 Everybody's like oh I know Yeah yeah [Music] It's gorgeous they grabbing one gotta do One yeah I'm excited I'm excited so

Excited this is like so up my alley I mean have you ever seen anything more Innovative like how fun is that Oh my God Right it's a must try that is one of the Most fun things wow the surprises we're Getting oh we thought this video was Done A little bonus All right now we now we go get a beer Let's get a beer and this way Please guys bye thank you that was so Good thank you so much soul and smoke We've done it for the show here's a clip You guys Are they kidding look at this thing this Is absolutely ridiculous brisket Sando 14 bucks a sandwich Cheers Cheers Oh my God everything about it's great Some of the best barbecue in the city um But yeah let's go get that let's get That beer guys that was awesome thank You again Mariano's for uh inviting us There super fun thank you Dominique for Getting on camera and hanging out with Us and making such amazing food make Sure you guys check the pin comment in The description below for all the links Go support our local Chicago friends Because that's it's awesome that Mariano's is supporting local you get People out for these pop-ups and um see It see you whenever the next video is I Don't know see it when we see it when we

See you uh shot Mariano's Foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] That was freaking ridiculous that was so Good thank you so much we gave it a very Good score perfection