Death by chocolate: This Chocolate Cheese Omelette has created an upriar online!

Can you imagine gorging on cheesy spicy omelette topped with milky chocolate and chocolate syrup? Well, the mere thought of indulging in a chocolate loaded spicy bread omelette can leave you disgusted for a lifetime and this is what happened when millions of netizens watched this bizarre Chocolate Omelette made in the bylanes of Old Delhi and were left questioning the logic behind this weird creation and called for a movement: ‘Justice for Omelette’.
All about the weird chocolate omelette
In the name of fusion, people around the world are pouring their imagination in creating some bizarre foods, which either turn out to be a trend or leave netizens with a bad taste.

A similar fusion was created by a vendor, wherein he made a delicious buttery omelette with 3-4 eggs and made it with chopped onions, tomatoes, chilies, cheese, spices, coriander leaves and then topped it with the classic dairy milk chocolate bar, which he grated all over the hefty omelette and that’s not all!

Yes, what will disgust your palate further is the addition of chocolate syrup, which he repeated again after flipping the omellete and adding cheese slices. Lastly, he added bread slices and poured another layer of chocolate sauce right before serving.

The viral post
This video was posted on handle @imjustbesti, which totally left netizens with a bad taste and a distorted imagination of spicy cheesy omelettes, Interestingly, netzines and their reaction to the bizarre video made it super hilarious, while one user commented that ‘this should be illegal’ and another user appealed that there should be a campaign titled ‘Justice for omelette’.

What is your take on this bizarre Chocolate cheese omelette?..

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