Costco Is Selling Chocolate Chip Cheese and Shoppers Are Intrigued

’s products are some of the most-talked-about grocery items on the internet. Remember, for example, its signature Cauliflower Crust Pizza that took Reddit by storm? Or the Super Premium Vanilla Ice Cream people were gushing over?

Then there are items that stand out purely because they’re so . . . intriguingly weird. And ’s Baked Chocolate Chip Ricotta, which is making rounds on social media again, is one of them. The cheese has captured the interest of shoppers because it contains an ingredient few would expect to see in a cheese: chocolate.

On Dec. 18, user @costcobuys announced that the mashup is now available again at the warehouse, writing, “This cheese is versatile and delicious…chocolate ricotta pancakes anyone?!” And boy, did people have things to say.

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The $13.89-per-pound Italian-imported ricotta is described as a “creamy cheese with chocolate,” with the packaging noting that the product “Pairs well with prosecco.” Okay, so the cheese is actually labeled a , which explains the chocolate, but it definitely makes most of us do a double take.

“Looks absolutely delicious,” one user commented.  Meanwhile, a handful of people weren’t too keen on the item. One person wrote, “No! Just NO!,” while another one commented, “This is peak america – how can they do this to Ricotta?”

However, in response to the individuals who expressed their aversion to the sweet cheese, several people likened the product to Italian cannoli filling.

“Lmao what do you all think is in a cannoli?? 🤣,” one person wrote. “I can see by some of the comments that many of you have never had a cannolo,” another one said.

This isn’t the first time ’s Baked Chocolate Chip Ricotta sparked . Back in January, one Reddit user posted a photo of the product, which resulted in several people fawning over the cheese and sharing how they plan to…


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