BG high-end cheese shop opens downtown: Welcome Pastiche Provisions!

Hickory & Oak and Cheese Queen BG join forces

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Hickory & Oak and Cheese Queen BG joined forces to open this all-new Pastiche Provisions. 

Owner Josh Poling says the gourmet cheese shop is the culmination of downtown’s redevelopment. 

The shop is right in the middle of their soft opening, so now is the perfect time to stop by their building on State Street to try specialty artisan cheese, cured meats and much more.

Pastiche Provisions owner Josh Poling said, “We’re so excited to have the opportunity for everybody who works and lives downtown to come in and be able to grab something casual, enjoy the food, enjoy the ambiance.”

Pastiche Provisions manager Rajna Bulut added, “I’m really excited to offer Cheese Queen boards, picnic boxes. I love to see people connect over food and to be able to provide that to people.”

Click here for a link to their Facebook page. 


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